A Round-Up Of My Favourite Book Blogs (Book Blogger Awards)

There are so many amazing book blogs that deserved to be shared with everyone in existence.

I follow like 120 blogs, very little of them book blogs, surprisingly. When Joce @ Write Through The Night announced the First Ever Book Blogger Awards, I was beyond excited. The time to recognise book bloggers had come and the nominations were VERY hard to make. I highly recommend you to nominate your favourite books blogs because It would be amazing to have some more recommendations. The link above gives you all the rules and information to nominate/vote for you favourite book blogs.


  1. Everyone who is nominated for the award MUST BE A BOOK BLOGGER.  However, anyone is allowed to vote and nominate their favorite book bloggers.
  2. You may nominate up to 2 people for each category. 3 Maximum.
  3. One blogger can be nominated for as many categories as you see fit.
  4. In order to nominate people, include their username and A LINK TO THEIR BLOG.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50

Book Blogger Awards.png

Best Teen Book Blogger (13-19) →Cassidy @ Quartzfeather

Cassidy is one my favourite bloggers EVER. I wanted to nominate her for so many of the categories and I think she’s one of the best teens out there. Her blogs LOOKS amazing, her posts are always fun to read and she is generally really nice. Even though she’s on blog spot, I absolutely love her blog and she deserves this title more than anyone.
Best Adult Book Blogger (20+) → Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

I discovered Molly’s Book Nook a while I go now and have never stopped following. Her blog looks wonderful, is wonderful and SCREAMS WONDERFUL. She’s so organised and wonderful to talk to. I love her posts soo much! I’m not really sure what else to say because her blog is just…wonderful. Did I mention it is wonderful?
Best book reviews→ Joce @ Write Through The Night

Who better than the creator of these awards herself! I ALWAYS find Joce’s reviews very helpful and her writing is clear and to the point. She doesn’t sugar coat any facts and the way she reviews books is magical. I admire her a lot for that because reviewing books IS VERY HARD, you know? Somehow my reviews don’t make any sense and hers do?

The Master of Weekly Features →Baile @ Nerd In New York

Personally, I don’t really like Blogs hops and memes, but I think this blog is the master of them! Baile always manages to give me the best book recommendations via her weekly memes and I love the way she posts so consistently.

Best Book Recommendations → Emma @ Book Emma

Her reviews are quite short (for me) but I absolutely love her recommendations. She has very similar tastes to me so her recommendations are nearly always the best. Not to mention, her blog is very nice too.
Best Bookish Discussions → Holly @ Nut Free Nerd & Puput @ Sparkling Letters

I made this category myself because I feel like it should be one. Bookish Discussions have become SUCH massive aspects of book blogs. I LOVE both of their discussion posts because they’re justs o thought provoking and wonderful!

Most Engaged in the Community →McKenzie @ Bookish Things and Tea

McKenzie is always doing really fun awards and tags, always commenting here and there. I absolutely love her personality and posts. the way she lays out her blog is SO AMAZING and I generally find her posts amazing. She posts a variety of things and is generally very awesome.

Blog Aesthetic → A Paper Reverie & Stay Bookish & Foxy Readers

I know Joce said a maximum of three so I went for it. They’re blogs all look AMAZING. Literally. A Paper Reverie is VERY Aesthetic and Stay Bookish’s blog just LOOKS SO WONDERFUL and I am in love with her design. Foxy Readers site is so clean and wonderful which I love. It’s so easy to navigate. It was so hard to decide one one, so I guess all three of them deserve this award.

Best Personality → Sarah @ Exuberant Bookworm

I was going to nominate Sarah as soon as I saw this category but remember her main blog wasn’t a book blog. But then I remembered she had created EB, a separate blog, and I was so glad I could still nominate her. Whenever she leaves a comment, I’m always flattered and in her posts, you can just see her wonderful personality shining through. Her personality on Twitter is also amazing and from our conversations so far she’s been incredibly sweet and funny.

Best Friend ever → May @ Forever and Everly

MAY IS THE BEST BLOGGER FRIEND EVER. She’ll fangirl with you in times of need, make you laugh and generally motivate you to do anything. She IS definitely one of my favourite book bloggers and it was so hard to decide which categories to place her in because she fits in so many. I finally decided on this one because she’s one of the first and only read friends I’ve made.

Best Overall Book Blogger → Cait @ Paper Fury

So….I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows Cait. She’s is literally THE book blogger queen. If you don’t know her, then…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Maybe you’ve seen her HILARIOUS TWEETS or her MIND READING RELATABLE POSTS or HER FANGIRLING COMMENTS but you’ve heard of the name. She has the BEST bookish photography, her blog looks VERY amazing, her posts are funny and witty, she replies to all the comments and is extra polite. What more is there to say? She deserves this title 100%.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50

Note: I didn’t vote for someone in every category since I’m quite indecisive and I’ve added one category myself. The deadlines are on the 30th April so be sure to check out the post above. If I didn’t mention your blog then please don’t feel disheartened. I love so many book blogs but perhaps I forgot or there wasn’t a perfect category for you.


Who are your favourite book bloggers? Are you going to vote in the awards? Do you agree with some of my nominations? Can you recommend some book bloggers to me?

Sign Off


34 thoughts on “A Round-Up Of My Favourite Book Blogs (Book Blogger Awards)

  1. IKR. CAIT FROM PAPER FURY IS THE BOOK BLOGGER QUEEN!! SHE IS REALLY SWEET AND HER POSTS ARE ALL SO ON POINT!I adore your blog too,Mahriya! It’s REALLY LOVELY!! So many good blogs out there. I’m going to have a lot of fun binging on blog posts ♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg thank you so much for the nomination!!!! Best book reviews!?!? That means so so much so thank you 😃 also thank you for doing the awards, I added your new category to the original post, because it was a good idea and so might as well make it an option for everyone
    Also I completely agreee with Cait and Cassidy, they’re incredible!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw, shucks! ME? Why’d you nominate ME? I’m not even a full-time book blogger. 😄 Cait is like the best overall book blogger — we can ALL agree. YES to Puput and Holly — their discussions are amazing! And usually, Top Ten Tuesdays or whatever annoy me (unless they’re Cait’s lol), but Balie’s are awesome! A PAPER REVERIE IS SOOOOOOOO AESTHEIC. ❤ ❤

    I think most of my nominations are going to be similar to yours lol. EXCEPT I'LL BE NOMINATING YOOOOOOU OF COURSE. And I already recommended book bloggers to you??? Do you expect me to recommend more??? Why are you so mean to me???

    The only blog I haven't visited/looked at is Stay Bookish… *clicks link*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day! Here’s a Spike Milligan poem for you:

    “Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
    I’ll draw a sketch of thee.
    What kind of pencil shall I use?
    2B or not 2B?”

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’M SO HONORED ❤ ❤
    I do try to be pretty engaged in the community, but I'm definitely not the best in the world. So, the nomination means so much to me! I absolutely adore your blog (in fact I'm just about to go catch up on all your posts), and I'm glad that we've become blogging buds!
    Thank you so much sweetie!!

    Liked by 1 person

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