The Process Of Book Buying + 8 Reasons You Buy A Book + A Quiz

Everyone has their reasons for buying books.

In fact, some people have multiple reasons for purchasing a wonderful book and I think that’s what builds up a bookworm identity. People pick up books because of its cover and the hype maybe.

So, why do you pick up a book?

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Hello! Welcome to the third edition of Dreams and Discussions, a monthly feature where I discuss and dream about all the bookish and blogging thoughts I have. 

By now, you guys are used to the procedure. So, grab some marshmallows or the nearest snack and let’s begin with the fabulous discussion, and then a lovely list and a wonderful quiz (hopefully) which will be horribly inaccurate.

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The Process Of Buying Books

My Take On Buying Books

Finding The Right Book 

There are so many factors that contribute towards buying a book (more on that later) and most of them go through the bookworm’s crazy mind like –>

  • Is this too expensive because I’m kinda broke?
  • Hey, wasn’t I on some book diet or something? Meh, who cares?
  • OOH COVERRRR *squeals*
  • Hey, I’ve heard of that book…maybe? #goldfishmoments
  • So, um, THIS BOOK IS SO BIG OMG…did someone bring a suitcase?
  • W…W…WAIT, I already have this book but this cover is WAHEY prettier #rude
  • Okay. Nope. don’t buy *twitches* BUY NOW
  • Ohh, there’s a sale!!! Nope stop fooling for the trap. Okay, who cares, BOOK.

That’s just a few of our crazy thoughts and I’m sure they’ve very relatable (or not, and I just confessed that I’m crazy? haha)

Second hand, or New?

Second-hand books are usually way cheaper and sometimes they’re in great condition. Personally, I don’t really have a preference but there’s a lot of pros and cons of each like –>

Pros of second hand

  • That whole ‘bookworm to bookworm’ right of passage things
  • It’s cheap
  • Um, it’s cheap
  • Did I mention it’s cheap?

Cons of second-hand

  • Not always the best quality
  • Sometimes used
  • Just not preferred sometimes

Pros of New

  • It’s new
  • wonderful condition
  • like, um, it looks pretty

Cons Of New

  • It costs money, dude
  • You feel like you have to take care of it more?

What If I don’t like it?

Millions of what-ifs are running through bookworm’s minds but this seems to be a major one. You haven’t read the book, and you’re spending money on it, and then you simply do not enjoy that book? What if there’s no way to return and it takes up shelf-space. And the unwanted book is just the worst bookworm dilemma. Do you eat it, rip it up, sell it? Some people just give away these books but what about that money slipping down the drain? It’s really hard to pick up a book and KNOW you’ll like it since you never REALLY know what a book will be like until you’ve read it. Mikaela @ The well-thumbed reader discusses this. 


This actually really scary but REALLY exciting because hey, you’re welcoming a new child to your family. I’m just constantly stroking the cover, fiddling with my notes and coins and sweating nervously in the queue. And then the doubts start creeping in.

  • Omigosh, do even have the correct amount of money?
  • Wait, I think the person in front of me might steal my book
  • Do I need this book?
  • Is there enough self-space for you?
  • Will I want to keep it forever?
  • What if I don’t like it…
  • Hey, wait, what will people think of this book?
  • Actually, I don’t want this book
  • Okay, you know what, do I even want to talk to people and RISK my life for a book?
  • I could just get it from the library and save this precious coin
  • Am I sane…?

IS IT JUST ME WHO PONDERS THIS? Gosh, these thoughts are racing through my mind the whole time. It’s a surprise I can even buy a book.

The Aftermath Of Your Purchase

Now that you’ve brought the book, there’s a whole load of consequences.

  • Is there even enough shelf space for the book?
  • Will I damage this book because it’s paperback
  • I just bought a book…
  • Will i even start this book straight away because…

And the list goes on. Well, it really doesn’t because I actually can’t think of anything else. #help

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50

Types Of Book Buyers

1. The Caving At Covers Buyer

Sometimes, COVERS ARE JUST TOO GORGEOUS TO RESIST. I mean look at it, it’s so artsy and gorgeous. There’s no disgusting sticker to ruin it and you just simply need that precious gem in your bookshelf. I mean you might do Bookstagram or just generally cave in at the sight of a wonderfully-looking book. You’re not judging the book by its cover, you’re simply accepting a wonderfully looking book to be accompanied by others like it. Perfectly natural to want to buy this book because what would borrowing do? You’d have to give the beautiful thing away?

2.The Sale Seeker

It is a well-known fact that all bookworms are #broke so it’s no wonder that we go on seeking the perfect sale. Buy one get one free, it’s already in the bag. Half price, sorry, I just brought that book. You are constantly flapping your arms about, feasting your eyes on discounts and cheap books.  Sales are literally the best thing that has ever happened to you, because who doesn’t want a cheap book? Forget about what the book is, if it’s got that sale sticker, you’re buying it no matter what. Half your shopping trip is digging out books with a sale. #proudtopenniless

3.The Peer Pressured One

Maybe you’ve got a very unimaginative title, but any hyped book and you’ve got to have it. You have this fear of being left out of the craze and you simply MUST say that you’ve bought that book. Slightly proud of your reading of the super-hyped up book, there’s no reason NOT TO buy that perfectly popular book. I mean everyone likes it, so why shouldn’t you? If you ever want to make this bookworm broke, simply flash some beautiful books in front of them and you have practically robbed them of all their money.

4. The Author Admirer

This fangirl is a fangirl. Yout practically stalk the author they love and they hunt them down. You know the title of the author;s new release before it’s even written. The only reason you buy a book is because your favourite author has written it. Whatever they write, must be good, right?

5.The Fussy Format Hoarder

Let’s face it, every time you see your favourite book format, you’ll add it to your bookshelf. You just love rulingThey see a hardback. Let’s hoard it. They find a paperback. Add it to the collection. Clicked on an e-book. Let’s add it to my endless basket. Stumble across an audiobook. That’s part of 26th book playlist.

6.The Series Scavenger

You’ve never brought a box set. Oh no, you;d rather live your whole life hunting around for books in a series, completing your collection from various bookshops. A 20-book long series, you buy them all separately. You don’t see the point of buying books if it’s easy. You want to wait for that new release and find it a month she shelves. Getting series is a challenge and you enjoy it thoroughly.

7.The Logical Worm

You actually look at all aspects of the book including the blurb, the cover, the previous reviews, size. You keep your budget in mind and actually find out if the book is worth your money. You’re not irrational and make good decisions. Most of the books you buy are really wonderful and you enjoy them. You buy books for friends, find the best deals and your talent is just buying book professionally.

8.The TBR Tracker

Your TBR is always shrinking. Yes, you heard me right – shrinking. You’re like 1% of the bookworm species, who actually has a TBR with this rare condition. You plan your monthly TBR’s and when you go to a bookshop, you buy the book that is next on your list. Once you’re home, you don’t abandon it in their bookshelf for 500 years, you actually read it. Yes, YOU READ IT.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50


As always (well not really) there’s a quiz.


Well, do, because I made the quiz but you know safety warnings an’ all. Anyways, here’s the link for you to find out what book buyer, YOU are –>

Take The Quiz NOW


Why do you buy a book? Do you face the book buying dilemma of not liking the book after purchase? Do you relate to some of these thought processes or am I just crazy?What type of book buyer are you? What did you get in the quiz, was it accurate or not? Tell me all about your book buying experiences and your take on book buying!

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59 thoughts on “The Process Of Book Buying + 8 Reasons You Buy A Book + A Quiz

  1. Oh gosh THIS POST!!!!!!!! I was going YES YES YES after every sentence!!!!!!!! The perfect bookworm post!!!! I went to the bookstore last weekend and had the exact same thoughts!!! ALL of them😂😂 I got the sale seeker in the quiz but I’ve always thought of myself to be a logical bookworm? But I don’t have many sales here and the ones that are there usually don’t sell the kind of books I read… Although I WOULD enjoy book hunting in a sale… So its sort of accurate?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great quiz: I’m actually a logical worm!! I think and consider many aspects before buying a book… But most of times I just go to the library, because you know, it’s free…
    Thanks for sharing this amazing post!!
    Love, thp

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Taking the quiz…ah, so I must be a- ~Internet crashes~ *sobs* 😭 I will have to try the quiz again later! But omg I was reading the list of Finding the right book and was just saying yes, yes yes to all of them!! Wow, I have no self control when it comes to books haha! Loved reading this post, it has now taught me that it’s ok to buy a book because the cover is GORGEOUS and I’m not the only one that does it! But the story is usually good, so it’s worth it…😉❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I got the sale seeker (totally accurate lol), I just must buy a book if it a) is on my tbr, b) is cheap, c) has a pretty cover, d) is just awesome (but cheap is totally the most important thing, which has probably to do with me being Dutch haha)
    Awesome quiz and post! I love these type of posts! (you make me want to go book shopping. again. Curse you book buying ban!!!! 😦 )

    Liked by 1 person

  5. AHHH this post is so fun!! I got the Sale Seeker, which is definitely accurate. I knew it would either be that or the Logical Worm because I take SO LONG deciding which books to buy whenever I go shopping. Awesome post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh, thanks so much for linking to one of my posts! 🎉

    My personal Bookworm aesthetic is the, “Buy Books Literally Four Times a Year.” 😂 I don’t have money or a job so unless I can beg and whine enough to get my parents to buy me a book, I borrow most of mine from Overdrive (which is the library except for ebooks)! December is usually when I buy a lot of books because my birthday’s early in the month, and then there’s Christmas! 😄 So lots of gift cards.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I got sale seeker on the quiz, but I’m actually a more logical book buyer. I’ve actually been reading more of what I have and borrowing from the library. This post was a lot of fun to read, and relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I got “Sale Seeker” which is slightly wrong because we don’t have a lot of sales??? But BOY IF WE DID *runs to bookstore* 😄 It has to be a book I want to read though. But I totally relate??? Like money is the biggest problem because DUDE I don’t want to spend my money on something and hate it. Most of the time I enjoy books though??? But buying books feels so great! I mean obviously you’re just like AGAHAGAGGAGAGA but it’s also like yaaaaaas I FEEL MORE LIKE A BOOKWORM. Sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough books to “be a bookworm” which is ridiculos because bookworm means you love and read a lot of books. It’s not based on how many books you buy.

    Anyways. I RELATE to this post a looooot, especially to “Finding the right book”. Like AGAHGAH which book do I want to buy??? They’re all on my TBR??? Which one’s cheaper??? Which one has a prettier cover??? Is it in third person??? 😄 (Third person is my love. ❤ ) And lol I have no idea if I want secondhand or not because DUDE. IT'S CHEAP. But it's alsk bad quality??? *cries*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, why does the quix FAIL ME? (Well more like fail you but…you know) Most fo the time I enjoy books too? So, that’s amazing. Buying books feels so great AFTER you’ve bought the book, because YAY, #bookwormachieved. I don’t buy that many books because #broke but yeah.
      YAY, glad you relate! It’s so hard to choose what book to buy *cries with you*

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Haha, I feel so conflicted each time I I walk in a bookstore. ;/ Apparently I am a logical worm? Which is strangely fitting, actually…

    Which means… hold on, am I not loyal to authors?
    *thinks hard*
    I have no loyalty gasp.

    This post. such relate-able. Good job :p

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I TRY to become a logical worm but I am definitely a Sale Seeker (which I got on the quiz also)
    It’s definitely in my bloodline 😄
    Once my dad bought like 5 boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups because IT WAS ON SALE. Then again, they’re Fruit Roll Ups.

    I usually buy a book if a) it has a pretty cover and b) it’s on sale or c) it’s cheap.
    Sometimes I try to buy books that I am interested in but my FRIENDS are ALSO interested in so that if I don’t like it, I can just give to them *nervously laughs* I’m not a bad person..


  11. I’m the Sale Seeker…. which isn’t that surprising, honestly. Describes me completely. 🙂
    I think I’d also be the Logical Worm, since I kind of do the same things that it says they do.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Why do you buy a book?: I … don’t. I haven’t bought a book in years, and if I have, it’s been because rejected books at library book-sales need a home or because I’ve already read the book from the library and I just neeed it! I do buy books on Kindle a lot, though. Like, a lot. Though normally if they’re free or on sale. Because I have no money. Like, at all.

    Do you face the book buying dilemma of not liking the book after purchase?: sometimes? But I usually only download free books on my Kindle so not a huge lot of regret going on here.

    Do you relate to some of these thought processes or am I just crazy?: yes, I relate to all of them! Only I don’t have money, so I just gawk at the book s and then don’t buy them. 😄

    What type of book buyer are you?: a super cheap one. So … I guess the Sale Seeker.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. SO. #RELATABLE. I’ll be forever grateful to you, Rita, for actually posting this. I’M THAT BROKE BIBLIOPHILE WHO VISITS OLD BOOKSHOPS AND NEW BOOKSHOPS JUST TO LOOK AT ALL OF THE BOOKS. My mom always goes like, “Hey, why do you want to visit a bookshop if you don’t want to buy a book?” And I just sat, “BECAUSE I WANT TO DRINK IN ALL THE AESTHETIC BEAUTY OF DEM BOOKS 😭” Yeah. Based on a true story. I prefer old books wayyy more than new books because I’m part of that declining race of bookworms who are actually broke and love the feeling of a beat-up copy of a book. Not to mention the smell of those old pages. 😻

    Recently, I bought 4 books off Amazon and it was a real steal. I JUST SPENT, LIKE Rs.600(that’s like 10 dollars or something) SO, I’M ALSO THAT BOOKWORM WHO IS CONSTANTLY HUNTING FOR GREAT DEALS. 😂

    That feeling you have when you’re just wondering if you could just borrow the book from the library rather than spending some 20 bucks on it is SO SO SO TRUE. I read most of my books from the library, so I have a tiny collection of books, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot call myself a book queen. 😂

    Anyways, I’m really sorry for ranting so much, Riya. My brain become super hyper-active when it comes to gushing. 😚

    Liked by 1 person

    • So, you are the typical #brokebookworm – I’m glad I’m not alone 😀 😀 YAS, Omg, sometimes I just walk into the booksop, running my fingers along THE BOOKS and smelling all the pages and GOSH, it’s wonderful.
      10 dollars i like £8 (Don’t mistake me for an american, it’s an insult. JK ALL US PEEPS *runs*) YAY, you’re a sale seeker. I read nearly all my books from library which is great because library = free books = happy bookworm. No, I love ranting too, it’s so satisfying and WONDERFUL.


  14. I got the TBR tracker! Although, to be honest, I’m the Logical Worm. I have very few physical books and they are all the ones I’ve received as gifts or have purchased after reading them because I NEEDED to own them. 😂 That said, now that I’m going to start work, I’ll have more money to spend on books and I’m going to start building up my bookshelves. I have a preference for new books though. I want to OWN them and hope nobody but me touches them. 😂 #possessive

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Wait, your quiz isn’t accurate? I got The Logical Worm which is me everytime I buy a book but who am I kidding? I’m lying to myself. I’m every type of book buyers to be honest hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  16. LOVE this post! I bought Dreamology recently and OHMYGOD everyone’s been telling me that they ‘didn’t like it’ like stop un-hyping – is that even a word? – it for me! I never have any problem with buying second hand or used books UNLESS they’re in the worst condition.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I think your quiz is pretty accurate! I got the sale seeker, and I’d say I’m either that or the logical worm! I’m always broke so I HAVE to look for sales, there’s not maybe’s about it 😂 ! Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Such an interesting post! I definitely buy a LOT more books because of recommendations from other bloggers now than I did before, but I also do it when it’s from an author I love, a synopsis catches my eye or something like that, mostly 🙂
    I’m always scared not to love the book as much as I thought I would but I guess that happens to everyone ahah 🙂 Also, I think I’m kid of the logical worm ahah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  19. You are very right about the cover. One time I told my mom the book I had just finished was the worst book ever and she said why did u read it and I said because there was a horrible drawing of a bird. Wow, I’m smart.

    Liked by 1 person

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