A Bookish Wrap-Up May – Beginning Of Exciting Things (!!!)

May was full of exciting, wonderful chances and opportunities.

May was the beginning of BEAUTIFUL weather, the Typewriter project (as well as other projects), Ramadan, beginning and end of exams, beginning of HOLIDAYS, and many other exciting things!


This month WAS a fantastic reading month! I’ve been reading a LOT more books and started ACTUALLY reviewing books on Goodreads!!! All links take you to my book review. I’m doing quite GREAT in my 2017 reading challenge on Goodreads, I mean 20 books ahead of schedule = #GOALS.


Screenshot 2017-05-27 at 19.21.10Screenshot 2017-05-27 at 19.21.16

THE HOBBITby J.R.R Tolkien⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – I loved the description, the dialogue, the world-building, IT WAS SO MAGICAL, all of it. An all time favourite.

INSURGENT by VERNOCIA ROTH ⭐⭐ – This book was like a crisp packet. 90% air and waffle and OH MY, HMM, let’s sort through my feelings and then the beautiful crispy ending full of the juicy ACTUAL STUFF. #Disappointed

GEEK GIRL by HOLLY SMALE ⭐⭐⭐ – It was ADORKABLE. There are so many wonderful friendships, unique characters and bubbly moments.

REBEL OF THE SANDS by ALWYN HAMILTON – ⭐⭐⭐.5 – HEY, we got a wonderful balance of world building, plot and character development in JUST 300 pages, Of course, I loved it?

INK AND BONE  by Rachel CAINE – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT WAS ABOUT BOOKS? A fantasy mixed with dystopia, a dash of word fangirling and a magical library mixed in, does it get any better?

HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE by Jennifer Niven ⭐⭐ – I REALLY don’t understand why this book was hyped so much because seriously, it was your mediocre YA love story added with the checkbox of ‘DIVERSITY’ and DONE, everyone is loving it. WHAT?

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING by Nicola Yoon ⭐⭐⭐ – A light, fluffy read: quick, simple and straight to the point. It had its flaws but in general a good breezy book for a summer’s day!

THE GIRL IN THE BLUE COAT Girl by Monica Hesse ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – I absolutely loved this book. With a backdrop of World War 2, Monica Hesse creates a world full of grief, despair, rebellion, mystery and above all FREAKIN’ SO MANY EMOTIONS MY HEART NEARLY DIED, okay?



DIVERGENT – I had already read it from the library but decided to purchase it


ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen McManus – OMG! I haven’t read it yet BUT I ACTUALLY GOT ACCEPTED FOR THIS! I’m so excited to read!

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel – This sounds pretty interesting and THAT COVER THOUGH *dies*


MOANA – I finally watched the hyped up Disney film and I pretty much LOVED it! It was magical, and about the sea and voyages, it was wonderfully diverse and funny and just in general, a great family movie.

I didn’t watch much this month, actually, though I re-watched The Book Thief.

Catching Up

EXAMS – Yeah, I had exams which weren’t THAT important but they were important if you know what I mean. I practically failed all of them even with all the revision and stress and GOSH, I’m so glad they are over! May was also filled with millions of exams, homeworks, and revision*

*Apparently, Americans, specifically those in Texas, are a bit confused with the word ‘revision’ which basically means re-learning materials and work in preparation for exams. Just thought I’d clear that up

HOLIDAYS – I’ve got a 1-week break so more time for books and blogging! The weather IS SO HOT over here I’m dying. Seriously, I’m sweating right now. *sweats*

RAMADAN – Today is officially the first month of Ramadan and I want to wish all Muslims a blessed month and good luck to all those fasting this year ❤

MACHESTER – Well, guys, I’m pretty sure you all know what happened at the Ariana Grande Concert and I am deeply sorry for what happened. I want to wish all the hope and love to all lives affected by the attack and I hope everyone is now safe and recovering after what has happened.

MENTAL HEALTH – Sometime during May, there was a Mental Health Awareness week and though I didn’t get a chance to talk about it then due to being a goldfish, I want to mention how IMPORTANT mental illness is! It is not something to joke about and dismiss. It REAL and I just want to say KEEP ON FIGHTING to everyone

STATIONERY TINY HAUL – I bought a bunny pencil case and some fineliners from Paperchase which are adorable. (BEST STATIONERY SHOP #EVER)

DESIGN CHANGE – I’m still thinking of completely renovating my site but for now my header has changed just a little SO CHECK OUT my site and tell me what you think?

My Bookish Life

BAKING – This month, I got back into my baking groove, whipping up some buttercream cupcakes and rich brownies #yum

BULLET JOURNAL & PHOTOGRAPHY –  My BuJo really suffered from Exam Blues this month so it’s definitely gone downhill! I’ll be reviving it next month though. I’ve scheduled about 3 posts for next month and I’m feeling SO ON TOP OF THE WORLD. And I’ve been taking loads of bookish photography so there’s that.

excuse my ugly photo of my ugly BuJo

Blog Love





Online News

MEMBER SEARCH TA – Calling all writers, graphic designers, photographers, The Artitsics is taking in new members and LIKE BASICALLY JOIN UP BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR FABULOUS-NESS, OKAY?

THE BOOK BLOGGER AWARDS – Joce @ Write Through The Night held the book blogger award where we got to vote for our favourite bloggers. Surprisingly, I won an award (THANKS, GUYS) as well as so many others. It was s wonderful to see, so click that link!

THE TYPEWRITER PROJECT – I launched my FIRST ever writing series and GOSH, it’s exciting but SO much work. I got over 35 applicants and emailing.Sorting everything out was one big job. I just want to say THANK YOU to all who signed up, re-blogged and spread the word – it means THE WORLD to me ❤

100 TWITTER FOLLOWERS – Excuuuuuseee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee while I just die silently over here, after just 2 months on Twitter, I reached 100! *hugs all of you*

AWARDS, TAGS SHOUTOUTS – People actually calmed down a little with tagging me.

  • Still, Tabi nominated me in The Positive Blogger Award (Still squealing over this)
  • and Holly in the Sunshine Blogger Award which was awesome.
  • Also Rosinalee really kindly stated that I’m one of her favourite bloggers? That is so sweet!!!
  • I was also on Top Comments in Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer so excuse me while I fangirl!


Next month

  • More Typewriter Project posts
  • A Book Fantasy Feast – Tiny Reviews
  • The Book Blogger Life
  • Review of Ink and Bone
  • and like loads more but surprises!!! #evil MWHAHAH


How was your May? Favourite reads of this month? Oh and discuss your highlights of the month too! Best blogging moments? Have/having exams – how did they go? Have you read any of the books I read this month?Link to your wrap-up posts-I want to know what you guys have been up to! ALSO, ARE YOU JOINING THE ARTISTICS??? 

Kirsty Chronicles – I just thought I’d HAVE to shout out this awesome, awesome blogger WHO HAS SUCH A PRETTY BLOG and WONDERFUL CONTENT. You simply must check out her blog, it is #goals. Plus, Kirsty is an awesome blogger too, so that’s always a bonus!


Sign Off


64 thoughts on “A Bookish Wrap-Up May – Beginning Of Exciting Things (!!!)

  1. Go girl! Congrats on all your achievements!!! And so many books!!!!❤ Read allegiant… Go on… 😶😶 And a picture of the bunny pencil case??? Pleeeaasseeee??? 🙏😅 I am hoping to join the artistics, also the typewriter project is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Kirsty’s blog!!! Also so glad you had such a good reading month that’s awesome!!!! How do you do smaller font because I was trying and couldn’t figure it out.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AGAHAHAGH I always love your wrap-ups!!! (And all your other posts tbh.) My May was great! School’s out so YEAH THAT WAS FUN except my mom has work and my dad’s on a business trip so I have to go to a daycare thing for LONGER THAN SCHOOL. *cries* I also read eight books, hoping to get to nine. Erm… writing I failed at this month but amd planning to go FULL-OUT next month (lots of writing stuff in June). Exams went great! I got 100% on all my exams except for science and language arts (language arts had the worst grade 😥 ).

    First of all, YAYAY THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING ME THREE TIMES OUTRIGHT AND THEN ANOTHER TIME “SECRETLY”. ❤ Third, wut I did not know you baked. Fourth, I missed "second" but am too lazy to change it. Fifth, ooh are you fasting??? I could never do that lollllll. #food THE TYPEWRITER PROJECT IS AWESOME (!!!) AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR MORE! Yay for book blogger awards and BuJo and also 100 Twitter followers AGH! 🎉 And should I join the Artistics???

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY, thank you MAy ❤ I'm glad your May went well (that sounds so weird, because YOUR May and then the month is MAy and like no…) I just finished Paper and Fire like right now, so Idk whther to add it to this wrap-up? 100% on all your exams??? Woooow, you're #smart! I don't know my results yet. This was like a post obviously dedicated to you because it's MAY, so obviously I had to give you some shoutouts. YEAH, I bake…sometimes. XD #FOOD but yeah I've done a fast 🙂 YES YOU SHOULD JOIN TA, it'd be SO AWESOME!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed reading this whole post! I love how everything was included in one but still organized and easy to read. Thanks for sharing some amazing blogs!💕 I need to work on a few posts and the 2nd task for the project which is due tomorrow?! Yikes

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ah, thanks so much for linking back to my post about bookish pet peeves! ❤

    And, yeah for 100 Twitter followers! I love Kirsty’s blog as well; so glad she’s on WordPress so I can keep up with her now! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh you’re so lovely 🙈! I definitely got the best big blogger! Those brownies so amazing btw, I need me some of them!

    Nice ARC’s as well! I just read one of us is lying and really enjoyed it. It gave me sooooo many breakfast club vibes! I’m reading juniper lemons happiness index at the minute as well. I’m only about 25 pages in though but I’m with you on the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?! That’s what made me request it if I’m being honest 😂!

    What happened in Manchester was so awful. I mean I know it’s happened in London before but for something like this to happen where I live, it really hit home how awful it is. I loved how Manchester came together though, so many people just wanted to help and it was really heartwarming to see!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, i don’t know. it feels like all the other big bloggers are doing such better jobs with their little bloggers but I’m doing my best! Ahh, I so need to read One Of Us Is Lying, it’s an ARC as well! Yes, the cover of Juniper Lemons Happiness Index was a big reason for why I requested it. Ahh, you live in Manchester, gosh that’s awfu! Yes, I love how everyone is pulling through, it’s wonderful to see!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. How did you get so much done in May with exams going on? You’re my hero, Mahriya! ❤ Also, happy Ramadan! 🙂 I personally don’t celebrate, but a lot of people here in my country do, so I get the importance.
    I am curious about your thoughts on Rebel of the Sands, especially the world-building part. Did you have any expectations? Did it deliver?
    I’m so glad you liked The Hobbit! ❤ It is one of my favourite books of all time and I get so excited when someone says they loved it! 😁 *incoherent fangirl screams*
    The cover of Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index is to die for! 😱 ❤ All the books sound so interesting! I’m waiting for your post on fantasy books next month. Always spread the fantasy love!
    Anyways, I’ve not announced it on Pages That Rustle yet, but I started a new book blog, which is basically an imported version of the one on Tumblr. I had to leave Tumblr because the sense of community was missing and I can’t believe I started one when I know I’m about to start work in July, but it felt like the right thing to do. Anyway, here’s the link if you want to check it out: http://unputdownablebooksblog.wordpress.com/
    I’m hoping you’ll give me some helpful feedback on the aesthetics and content because I only just finished importing it fully and I don’t have anything pretty on there. 🙁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh um well exams were in the last two weeks of May, so most of the reading was done before that and in between revision! My review of Rebel Of the Sands will be up next month but I will say, I liked it but it just so wasn’t worth that hype. FANTASY is my new favourite genre. AHH, just followed! Content looks pretty good but maybe for your TTT, you could include the topic you’re talking about (e.g Booktubers) I do free blog designs if you’re interested, but it’s definitely looking good!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Usually reading stops for me during the month of exams. I get all tensed and music helps me calm down, but if I read, I feel incredibly guilty and go back to studying.
        In the title (for TTT) you mean? I was going back and forth about it and decided not to for no justifiable reason. I’ll do that from now on! 🙂
        I’m so clueless on the aesthetics part. Honestly, it surprises me that I can tell colours apart. When, if ever, you’re a bit free, let me know so we can discuss designs (which will probably be you telling me stuff because I’m uneducated) because I’m definitely interested! I love your designs and enjoy staring at your blog (that’s a compliment and not me being creepy). 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • We’re opposites there then! Reading lets me escape from the stress, and i’m so irresponsible, that I love to #procastinate – no guilt there! Yeah It’s just advice, but it would make your posts more appealing. Also, I forgot to say, CAN WE FANGIRL OVER THE HOBBIT *fangirls* IT WAS SO DARN AWESOME. Have you read LOTR yet? Graphic Design is a passion of mine, so I’ll email you soon or something. Haha, no, my blog really isn’t that great compared to some other blogs!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Mahriya, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve mentioned LotR on my blog. I love, love, LOVE it! It’s my favourite fantasy series of all time! 🙂 If you like immersive world-building on a larger scale than The Hobbit, you will love it too. (I hope you like it as much as I do!)
        The Hobbit is a great introduction to the world! It’s also different from the movies – I think Jackson did a huge mistake in converting it to a book trilogy. Bilbo is a precious little hobbit who only gets more sassy in the beginning of LotR. 😂 And the riddles, the dwarves, the barrels, the talking dragon, the battle – it has everything! I love the adventure in this book. ❤ Problem is not a lot of project realise how early the books came out and compare it to modern books, which annoys me to no end because Tolkien, while borrowing from predecessors and Norse myths just a little, did his own thing and changed fantasy forever!
        I know you like to design. Also, you’re being modest. Or maybe my eye is not skilled enough. (I wouldn’t be surprised. 😂)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Let me know when you decide to read. I’m always open to buddy reads because of all the reasons in the previous comment. 😂 I do a re-read every year because I can’t help myself. I’m terrified because I hope you enjoy it, but you liking The Hobbit is a good sign. 🙂 *sweeps arm dramatically and introduces you to the fandom*

        Liked by 1 person

  8. What a wonderful post! 😍 Everything looks so great and aesthetically pleasing WOW! And May has been talking about Ink and Bone and now YOU’VE talked about it and I just really need to read it… like right now.

    AND YOU GOT ACCEPTED FOR ONE OF US IS LYING TOO YAAAYYY!!! I literally screamed out loud when I got the email :’) I’ve already read it and I adored it! I hope you enjoy it too!!!

    And Ramadan Mubarak 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  9. AHHHhhhh firstly THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for including my post in your list! It’s an honor 😀 is it obviously that I’m thankful? Probably not.

    And AHHH I LOVE MOANA SO MUCH did you like the music? Yes? LISTEN TO HAMILTON I’m not sure if you already listen but if you don’t GO! DO! IT!

    (no I didn’t eat sugar for breakfast this morning what are you talking about)

    And also WHAT DO YOU MEAN your bullet journal looks beautiful?? Mine isn’t artsy at all and just has plain words??

    And I have my finals in a couple of weeks and also I had standardized testing today in the morning but I forgot and went to my homeroom class. There was no one there, but I waited like 15 minutes before figuring out what the heck was going on #ontopofeverything obviously

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  10. Ahh congrats on being so ahead on your goodreads goal, I am around 12 books behind so I need to pick up my game a bit. Also I love your wrap ups, they are so helpful for me to find other book bloggers in the community that I didn’t know about.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. YAY! You liked The Hobbit! Have you already or will you read LOTR trilogy??? Also, I’m saddened you didn’t like Holding Up the Universe, but I can totally see why you didn’t like it! Personally, I enjoyed it. I’m also slightly biased because I absolutely adore Jennifer Niven haha Hope June treats you well 🙂

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, The Hobbit was just great! I’m hoping to read LOTR but to be honest, I’m feeling slightly scared because they look so daunting! Trust e, I was saddened myself that I didn’t like Holding Up The Universe because Bright Places was wonderful! I hope your June is awesome too!


  12. Lovely wrap-up! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Holding Up The Universe but I get why you didn’t. I hope you’ll have a great month ahead! Congratulations on your Typewriter project, that sounds SO interesting and definitely on its way to amazing success! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. AHHAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SHOUTOUT, RIYAAAAA!! My May was simply okay, blogging wise, but AWESOME on the bookish side because I read 8 books and am actually doing quite well on the reading challenge front! I’m also sad because my summer hols are coming to an end *ugly tearing up* LOL BUT GOD, HOW I WANT MY HOLS BACK. Ooh and also, that cheeky reference to human beings in Texas=GENIUS. *is staring at May* MAY, LIKE A PERSON. 😉

    100 FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER? YAAAAAS . GO GIRL. MORE WRITING POSTS YES PLEASE. Cannot wait for your posts in June. I’m contemplating on changing my blog design toobut let’s see when that happens because #procrastination lol. AWESOME WRAP-UP AS ALWAYS.
    (Lack of emojis,really sorry Riya. I’m currently on my tab and it doesn’t have emojis. WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU DESERVE IT ANJ! Yay, for 8 books, I read that amound too so the pride is big! My summer holds are starting in like 2 months so I’m weeping for you! *glares at May* I KNOW, THE PERSON NOT THE MONTH. The confusion. I can’t wait for June posts myself! Thank you and no worries, *pats single emoji*

      Liked by 1 person

  14. AHHH I’MS O GLAD YOU LOVE INK AND BONE!! Don’t you reckon it’s entirely underrated?!? I’m so in love with the world and the library. Even if it is a bit evil. 😍 And eep I loved Rebel of the Sands too! And I still need to watch Moana. Seriously what have I been doing with my life that I haven’t seen it yet?! #shame 😂 And also YAY for cupcakes (pls may I have one) and CONGRATS ON THE TWITTER FOLLOWERS (you obviously deserve those cupcakes) and I think your blog is gorgeous. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH HELLO CAIT. TOTALLY NOT FLAILING RIGHT NOW. AGH, yes Ink and BONE IS SO UNDERRATED though I didn’t like P&F AS much – it was still awesome. BUT I LIVE FOR EVIL! I LIKED Rebel Of the Sands but I had my issues. Agh, go an watch Moana. But it’s not like you MUST watch it – like it wasn’t THATT UHMAZING. Cupcakes are obviously the highlight of my month??? I was so happy about my Twitter followers! OHMIGOSH THANK YOUS FREAKIN’ MUCH. That means LIKE THE UNIVERSE TO ME CONSIDERING YOU (my like fave blogger of all time) IS SAYING THIS *dies*


  15. I like catch-up posts! I am planning to read Everything Everything ~ thanks for the feedback! I also enjoyed Tabi’s post a lot – what a cute bullet journal! Congrats on the Twitter followers!

    Liked by 1 person

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