Guest Post – The Difficulties Of Naming A Book + Finding The Perfect Title + Task #3

Titles are undoubtedly one of the most daunting parts of a writing a book.

I can already see the author population running away and taking cover. Perhaps one of the most daunting and difficult parts of writing a book is coming up with something so genius and original to hook your readers in the first instance. Something impactful and easy on the tongue. You want something that stands out from the crowd and even though you’ve written a whole book, coming up with a title is just so HARD

Naming is obviously something tough in itself. Characters, places, BOOKS, it’s hard to place that exact word to name one complex being or thing. Usually, characters have a lot of depth to them, and so putting two words to define them, is just so nerve-wracking. Same goes to places. Same goes for books.
And when you’ve put your sweat, blood and tears into a novel, labelling it is something you know is so important but something your consistently push to the back of your mind.
Because even though there are millions of words in the dictionary,  even though there are thousands of combinations of these words, to pick simply one or a few is a seemingly impossible task.
You’d think for writers, who are able to create stunning work, manipulate words, craft masterpieces, that a title would be EASY. But for most, it is not.
Many writers just compare themselves to OTHER titles, and think that there’s is not a good enough.

Some titles are just so imaginative like ‘Strange The Dreamer’ and some are just really impactful like ‘The Hate U Give’. Some are just so beautiful and deep in their own way like ‘Holding Up The Universe’. So when you’ve got something like ‘A Whisper of Glitter’, you start become indecisive. When originally coming up with the title, you were just so proud, and now as you begin to analyse the title more, doubts begin to creep in.

  • Does it even make sense?
  • Is too long/too short?
  • Does it give out the wrong message?
  • OMG, it sounds horrible
  • Ahh, other books have been called this
  • NOOOPE doesn’t work
  • #nope

Writing a book is usually a personal journey, and in some ways, so is a title. Maybe this advice won’t lead you to have a flawless title, but they will definitely help you along the way. Finding a perfect title happens when you finally trust yourself as a writer.


Title: noun | The name given to something (a book, song, or job) to identify or describe it.


After your write the book.
This may seem obvious, but the first step to failure and procrastination is actually by trying to name your characters and story. LEAVE THAT TO THE END. When you write the book, don’t concern yourself with titles until you’re finished. Some authors use a draft title to work with during the writing process. Don’t worry about having a perfect draft title. They are not permanent and are almost always guaranteed to change.


You’ve just written and edited the most awesome novel in the entire history of novels (trust me, I know) and you are ready to publish your marvellous story. HERE’S THE PROBLEM: Apparently, you have to create this thing called a ‘TITLE’

And it’s not a joke, you need to have a title in order to sell and give the reader a basic idea of your book while drawing them a bit closer towards the meaning of that fabulous books.

Believe it or not, giving a title to your book, is like naming your child. It is a process, it requires research, because if you really want a good title, then you’re going to have put as much effort as you did in writing that book.
At first glance, naming your book seems like an easy task – barely a challenge. But once you get into the nitty gritty world of book titles, it’s not so easy.


Brainstorm. You can do this with a friend, editor, family member, and teachers and ask for their opinion. It is much better to have more minds pondering this because different people may have different outlooks and opinions on your novel and its message. It’s also helpful to look at real book titles to get an understanding of the structure of titles and popular ways to pull them off.


  • You can name your book after the Main Character (e.g Harry Potter)
  • Combine settings, characters, and objects for your title. (e.g The Kite Runner)
  • Use a quote/idea from your book (e.g Ketchup Clouds)
  • Use a theme from the book (e.g The Hate U Give)


  • How the title would complement your cover
  • How does the tile coordinate with my chapter names
  • How relevant your title is to your story
  • It’s length and how unique it is


  • The title connects to the message of the book.
  • There are not books with the same title.
  • The title is simple and not too long.
  • Stick to the point and don’t stray from your genre.
  • Keep your title in the theme of the book.

And there you have it, folks! Now go out there and show your marvellous title to the world!

Emerald Phoenix blogs at her own blog, The Realm Of Writing, where she shares writing prompts, book reviews, and all things word-related. She also has a doll-related blog, American Girl world, where she discusses and introduces her dolls. The author of both blogs is 9, and has a wonderful and fresh take on life, managing two inspiring blogs at once.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50


I didn’t receive as many entries as I did for the first task, perhaps because I gave you guys such little time, but the entries I received were mostly STUNNING.
There were so many potential winners and a reason why some of you DIDN’T WIN was because the perspective wasn’t unique (and it was over the word limit). BUT, that’s why I’m introducing 2nd  (4 points) and 3rd place (3 points).

3rd place goes to the fabulous pieces by May @ Forever and Everly! Her perspective wasn’t unique (Demons and Angels), BUT, the writing here is GORGEOUS. The way her idea is executed and the way it was written, she deserves this place BECAUSE it’s so well-crafted! Congratulation’s May!

2nd Place goes to the awesome Sea @ Sea Reads. The perspective was GRAVITY and the writing was beautiful and descriptive. I absolutely loved this original opening to a story! I definitely want to read more of Sea’s work! Congratulations, you were so close to winning!


And so the ultimate winner is…


Cassidy/KAI just joined the challenge so it was a surprise to me how wonderfully she wrote (And how quick she was) in HER first round. I absolutely loved her piece, the perspective was so original, the way she wrote had me hooked and in general, it was a beautiful piece! It definitely deserved to win!

Perspective:A brick in the floor of a prison

The vibrance of life sinks into my cold, gray skin. Tendrils of it seep into my cracks, bringing a feeling of existence that I both crave and despise. I’ve felt this so many times, so many times since my senses first split wide and beckoned to the world, beckoned to the world and its heady emotions, beckoned to the world and its fading souls. I’ve felt this so many times, the warmth of human skin, the stickiness of human blood.

Another child. Another man. Another women. Another imminent death.

At first I craved what they had, the ability to grow, the ability to talk, the ability to dream. All the beautiful things that made them human, all the beautiful things a gray brick of stone would never have.


Watching them all fade, watching their souls slowly untether and eventually drift away, drift away, leaving nothing but blood, flesh and bones. Blood, flesh, and bones that were no more human than me.

It’s no wonder how quickly my wishes were dashed, broken against rocks by a persistent wave of death. Being human meant life, and life meant pain. And for once, I was grateful for my slim existence, grateful I would never feeling the rending pain, the pain that brought forth that warm, sticky human blood, the pain that left scars both on the skin and shattered fragile minds.

He would be no different. This boy would suffer the same fate. He would slowly die, trapped by my sister stones, here in my limited world, his last breath torn from his too young throat. Some lasted longer than others, but none ever lasted long enough.

It all started the same. The beatings, the torture, they all began to suck him away.

What did they want this time? It was always something, something the humans wouldn’t give no matter how much they bruised, no matter how much they broke.

This one had a steel to him, a quiet strength I hadn’t seen in a long while, a strength that would do him no favors. It would only make his shattering harsher, his pain longer. Foolish, brave humans, why risk life to protect a few words?

The fluorescent lights flickered, he grew weaker. Nothing significant, nothing new.



A hollowness grew, grew below me, widening with every scrape. Perhaps it was what I’d always feared, perhaps it was the return to nothingness that I’d always suspected. What was it to be nothing? I could only ever recall being something.

He’d lasted the longest, but for how much longer?

Something kept him going, something the others hadn’t had.


The fear grew and grew as the dirt that held me slowly trickled away.

He curled his fingers around me, nails digging into the soil filled grooves. He pried, he lifted, and he set me aside. First me, then my sisters, till a round darkness bloomed in the floor.

A tunnel.

A promise in the form of a hole.

A promise of escape.


  • Maggie @ Light Writes
  • Sithara @ Musings of A Mellow Mind
  • Rachel @ Nancy Drew
  • Lee @ Golden Pink Journal
  • Nandini @ Pages Thar Rustle
  • Kris @ Lemon Notes.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50



Create your own book title, along with your inspiration and journey.

You will send me your book title (for any book, doesn’t have to be linked to a previous task) along with your inspiration. I want to see the brainstorming you did. This can be in the form of a mood board, and document but the way you present your thought process is vital. I won’t be just judging your title but the thought behind it. Maybe you want to record an audio piece, compile a playlist, link to a Pinterest board, it’s up to you.


Solo Round


12th June 2017


  • Be REALLY creative with your title, and inspiration
  • Submit your title with your name, blog NAME, and inspiration
  • Must be your own ideas


  • A creative thought process behind it (displayed in a unique and original way)
  • An impactful meaning
  • An original and unique message


What did you think of the Guest post- was it helpful? Do you also find creating a title hard? Are you excited for this challenge? How did you like Kai’s entry? What did you think of the other entries? Type something new!

Sign Off


46 thoughts on “Guest Post – The Difficulties Of Naming A Book + Finding The Perfect Title + Task #3

  1. I really have to get some brainstorming done and obviously titling is not the easiest task, so this was super helpful! Thank you for sharing! Kai’s entry was great, by the way. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, random question, is the title supposed to be of a book, short story or blurb we’ve written in the past? Or a title for a story that doesn’t actually exist?

    ~ Pip

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great guest post! I make draft titles:) they help so much. Kai definitely deserved to win, I would have never thought about a perspective of the bricks in prison. Really unique and interesting. Great job! Now I’m off to brainstorm some titles🙂
    I want to add that the link isn’t working for me😧 to view all entries

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Emerald Phoenix is NINE??? But.. BUT SHE HAS SUCH GREAT ADVICE AND SEEMS SO MATURE!!! HOW??? Anyways, I LOVED Emerald’s advice. Although I do disagree on titling at the end — it depends on every writer whether or not to name it at the beginning, middle, or end. (But it’s always prone to change, like she said.) I love all the tips she got, especially about making sure that the title relates to the story. Sometimes I’ve read books with titles I can’t connect to the book. (Like The Names They Gave Us??? I honestly don’t know why it’s the title??? THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT NAMES. Except for using last names maybe???)

    YAY I’m so glad I got third place! I find writing from the perspective of objects really hard, so I applaud Kai for her AMAZING entry! And I just love how well-written it is, and the message it holds. Totally something I would want to read if it were a book!

    Also HOW DARE YOU CHOOSE ONE OF THE HARDEST PARTS ABOUT NOVELS??? Next you’ll be forcing us to name characters. *cries* TITLES ARE THE WORST, HONESTLY. I struggled with my blog name, I struggled with IMS’ title, and I’m struggling right now with what to call my blog writing project. ASDFGHJKL. But I think I’m going to like the creative/inspiration/thought process part of this. My brainstorming for my fantasy novel is sort of like that??? WHICH IS COOL.

    I really loved Sea’s entry! (The opening line is AMAZING.) AND AGH OFF I GO TO ENDURE THIS TORTUROUS CHALLENGE. *cries*

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I can’t believe how young Emerald Phoenix is! That is so amazing, her writing sounds so worldly for such a young age!! Titles are very hard, how does one sum up everything in a few words?? Answer: cry until a title whacks you in the face.

    Also, I would like to say that the link isn’t working for me as well. It’s giving me a DNS error if that helps you at all!
    Now, time to go think (cry) over a title 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I’m so excited I got second place! 😀
    Kai did an incredible job with the perspective piece. Writing from the perspective of a brick was already super creative, but the way the brick relates to the humans is above and beyond!

    Ugh, I cringed just seeing the word ‘title’ on the top of this post! Why do you have to make us practice and get better at the hard stuff, huh? I know, I know, it will be good for us as writers 😉
    Even though writing titles is dreadful, I have some lofty plans for this challenge (which means it’s going to take me foreverrrr). We’ll see how it all ends up!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, I’m glad! You totally deserved it, your peice was fantabulous! Kai’s entry was just so creative and wonderful – I deffo agree with you there! Ahh, but you must get better at the hard stuff, though do titles ever get easier? I can’t wait for your entry, it sounds super exciting!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This is so true!! I actually wrote a short part of a book before and coming up with unique title was so hard! I actually came up with a title at first (it took ages!) and then based everything on those three words which made it really fun to write! I usually can get ideas but i can just describe them in one word and then build up on it. Great post Emerald,you are super talented!
    And OMG Kai’s entry is AMAZING!! She is so talented,she definitely deserves first place! 😍😍 Congratulations Kai!! And May and Sea Reads!!
    I’m super excited to start working on my title,I actually have an idea and I can’t wait to build up on it! 😊 I hope it goes well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY glad you agree! Unique titles are JUST SO. HARD. Wow, that’s a clever idea, I never thought of it. Problem is I come up with the idea FIRST so…that wouldn’t work out well for me. Kai’s entry was obviously fantastic! MAY AND SEA READS, ahh those were also FANTABULOUS! I can’t wait for your entry!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Titles and Names are probably the MOST difficult part about writing for me. I have done a lot of research about titles, but nothing I’ve read has made it sound so simple so easy. I just sent in my entry for task 3 I’m not sure it qualifies for sure as a unique title, but I think the inspiration behind it will speak volumes!

    Liked by 1 person

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