The Book Blogger Life – burdens, consequences and personal warnings

Book bloggers lead very ‘unique’ lives.

In fact, they lead many lives – in books. We risk our lives by becoming book bloggers many a time and you may be thinking, ‘book blogging is a piece of cake’ (OHH CAKE) and something to do in your ‘spare time’ but I guess I should warn you (As I am so kind and have your health in my priorities) being a book blogger could be life-threatening. But, let’s be real, it could also mean the food is off your to-do lists. Not that you have a to-do list, of course! *laughs nervously* OBVIOUSLY, I don’t make those. Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

The Book blogger life is a very ‘dismissed’ topic and I think, we shouldΒ finally reveal the 7 main dangers of book blogging.

1. You have to talk type about books

You have to type about books BECAUSE you have a book blog. You can’t keep on going on hiatus and doing introduction posts to get away from the fact. Book bloggers HAVE to talk a little about books otherwise, are you really a book blogger?


What if someone calls you out on a mistake you made in a discussion or review? What If someone says something horrible about your opinion? What if you say the wrong thing and the whole of the internet turn against you? WHAT IF???


Even if it’s online, the feeling of talking about books IS JUST THE BEST because HAVING OTHER PEOPLE saying ‘ You’re not alone ‘ and saying they share the same emotion about a book with you is surprisingly awesome. You realise, that everyone else is suffering with you.And gushing and rambling are just SO SATISFYING. I mean you get to

  • Get you all your feelings out and OVERFLOW
  • Get over your book hangover
  • Excercise
  • Have other people admire your talking skills
  • Persuade other peeps to read the book

2. Reading books begin to affect your mood

I don’t know about you but when I read a book with an amazing character and then finish the book, I immediately just start acting like them. if it’s a sassy, confident character, I start making everything dramatic in my brain and pretend I AM them. Same goes for a bubbly characters, my personality and thoughts BECOME the character. Perhaps, if I’ve just cried over a book, I become silent and thoughtful. Basically, reading changes my mood especially if the books is powerful and good. This doesn’t happen with every book but usually in book hangovers.


People start to think you’re a little crazy and question your sanity. It’s not like you can control it so very awkward conversations can occur and you can actually SCARE someone with your weird attitude. AND, it’s even more strange and cringe-worthy when someone realises what character you’re being. BASICALLY, if you wanna be in a sticky and scary situation, start reading.


Well, if you’re in a bad mood, and then read a book with a GREAT character, the energy and happiness you feel are THE BEST EVER so that’s a great bonus. It also helps you get past the writer’s block and helps you write something really creative and different because your whole mindset is re-wiring.

3. You spend more time blogging than reading

Before starting a book blog, you probably may be thinking ‘this will motivate me to read more’

haha funny.

Blogging takes up so much time and book blogging takes up even more. I read a lot fewer books than I did when I first started and spend more time reviewing and writing posts. Maybe the tea part isn’t so true – gotta have that caffeine to keep you going. Blogging requires time and so do books. Book blogging is strangely addictive and so it’s very hard to find a balance between reading and blogging.


Firstly, your caps lock key could also start to become damaged, and if you’re not careful, then, your whole keyboard might die from fangirling and the amount of typing you do. This is scary because watching your keyboard die is very traumatising. You become very behind on books and begin to weep for more time. You become busy WHICH IS SAD because free time has gone down the drain.


Blogging IS FUN, and you love it and people love it AND YAY! You get to talk about books and be bookish and BE MORE BOOKWORMY and do other stuff besides reading!

4. You find it hard to make sense

This is probably just a bookworm problem in general, but writing a review is probably the hardest thing in the bookdom. I mean, how do you sum your incoherent thoughts INTO A BOOK REVIEW??? How do i justify the book’s greatness? How do I rant about what I loved? Do I even remember anything? It’s JUST SO HARD to string words together using the limited alphabet and write something that humans can actually understand AND nod to!


It’s very embarrassing when your reviews still don’t make sense and your book hangover is just starting to show through your posts. People start thinking you’re slightly crazy and this is very concerning. You also start question your ability to write, and eventually, your ability to do anything in life. You also start feeling bad because you haven’t explained your thoughts properly and THIS IS FRUSTARTING. And no-one is safe with a frustrated book blogger around. *runs*


Umm….I don’t think it is. Maybe it shows how much you love it when you don’t make sense?

5. You have book blogger guilt

This has been a topic that has been discussed widely across the biosphere but we all have it. That decline of a review request, that missed guest post. that lack of commenting back, the rush of posts, the overly big TBR. we get guilty because blogging is one heck of a load, and its super hard to not feel bad about things you haven’t done when really you should be focusing on the things YOU HAVE done.


It just is. Becoming guilty causes stress and stress = not good. It’s scary to be guilty because WE SHOULDN’T be and just adds to our overloaded plate of life.


It’s really not. I guess you can empathise the book blogger guilt with others and it’s relatable and also makes a great post. I mean I love when Cait @ Paper Fury talked about it!

6. You become broke because your TBR is about to eat you

I think these two points go hand in hand. When you are introduced to the blogosphere,Β you are introduced to just so many books! SO MANY, literally your TBR becomes HUUUUGGGGEEEE. You’re kind of running from your to be read list because of this discovery and are also broke from stupidly attempting to eat your TBR, instead of the other way round. Book blogging comes with a price, just like anything…and books.


Ummm….being broke means NOT BUYING ANY MORE BOOKS. And the lack of food and literally money. I mean, how do you survive? Also, it’s very life-threatening when your TBR begins to eat you because it will result in inevitable death.


You are introduced to SO Much MORE BOOKS. And they are beautiful and wonderful and you want to hug them and look after them forever. You discover new authors, new diverse reads, and your reading mind is expanded so much. You discover a genre you never knew you like, an author you will fangirl over forever – it’s AMAZING.

7. You meet book blogger friends

You see,pre-blog, you think the internet is full of these hateful trolls and spammers and things.

You’re right. BUT, very big BUT, there are still so many wonderful people out there, and book bloggers are those people. They are JUST SO KINd and supportive and ready to listen to your opinion, discuss with you and just generally be awesome! I’ve made so many blogger friends so you’ve got to be well, prepared, to chat discuss and SOCIALISE. NOO, not with book characters but with real people.


You gotta know how to not be killed and murdered by their kindness and survive in the wild. You get very fat on eating compliments and this could be dangerous for your health. Compliments are very high in sugar and eating them could cause heart attacks.


Because FRENS are the best.Β I mean, book bloggers, in general, are awesome human beings, right? I mean who else is always there for you when you

  • are in a book hangover
  • are crying over a book that has literally ripped you to pieces
  • want to fangirl about a book
  • want to buddy read
  • you need empathy
  • want to share bookish theories
  • need recommendations
  • want to laugh
  • need a comment on a post to not feel #lonely

They’re just THE BEST!!!




Did you relate to any of these risks? Have any more to add to the list? Do you agree that book bloggers are generally awesome? Do you find writing reviews hard? Do you think book blogging is dangerous? Why do you risk your life for book blogging? TELL ME EVERY RISK YOU’VE TAKEN!Sign Off


73 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Life – burdens, consequences and personal warnings

  1. Although I’ve just started my blog and am yet to post a book review, I do relate to the 4th point. I write reviews in a book for myself and yet I read through my review and go “There’s no proper flow in this thing, what the hell have I written ? Why did I still miss out points”. I can write a critical review of my own reviews πŸ˜›

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  2. Reviews are extremely hard to write – ‘cuz you want to give constructive feedback but also FEELS!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜† To fix the #BROKE problem we mainly just use the library – that way everyone’s happy!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Great post!❀

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  3. OMG this post was super relatable…. these fears are actually so real (my caps lock key DID break so now I have to hit it super hard or just use the shift key) and I worry so much about not writing reviews good enough!!


  4. Haha, I bet everyone thinks blogging is a piece of cake. Before they start.
    Although it is. But not in the sense of “easy”. More like in the sense of yummy πŸ™‚

    I’m actually alright with sharing my opinion. But that’s often because I read obscure books πŸ˜€ I do struggle with sharing my opinion about books that were problematic though. It’s like.. where’s the line, are they gonna hate me? Do too much, author’s gonna hate you, do too little, anti-fans gonna hate you. Gah πŸ˜€

    And the blogging vs reading bit.. So true! But you also forgot to mention time spent requesting books xD and commenting… Reading everyone else’s posts.. Getting educated.. πŸ˜€ and last but not least… THEME STUFF. Oh my gosh, the theme stuff.

    I’ve also found that GIFs greatly reduce the stress of writing a review :DDD

    Meanwhile, my own book blogger guilt mostly comes from ARC abuse. I don’t even give a second thought to the ones I actually bought. To hell with it, at least I bought you guys. Don’t look at me like that.

    And also blogger friends ❀ who needs local people anymore xD it's just too bad that we're all so far apart from each other, you know?

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    • Book blogging is definitely yummy. I mean you’re eating more books, bloggers are always sending out virtual food and blogging is an excuse to eat more food, SO DEFINITELY YUMMY.
      I’m definitely fine with shraing my opinion BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN the fear doesn’t eat away at my poor heart in the process. Some people on the internet apparently don’t know about ‘opinions’ #wow

      I don’t request that many books! BUT COMMENTING ACTUALLY TAKES FOREVER and reading posts, of course. I mean it’s not like my comments are as long as the post *laughs nervously*

      AH, ARC struggles are REAl. It takes me forever to read them?? And I hate myself for sometimes not liking them because then I have to write a neagtive review and…#NOPE

      I know book blogger friends are AWESOME, but like so far away 😦


      • It’s more like you’re devouring said books even :D…

        Haha, well I’m glad for you then πŸ˜€ that you don’t request too many books. Because that’s like the bane of my existence! It’s like other people have smoking, beer, one night stands… lack of exercise, maybe sugar. MEANWHILE I HAVE NETGALLEY.

        But that said about comments, I do enjoy writing post-long comments! (As you might have noticed πŸ˜€ most people are just content to write 2 sentences! :D) But hey. It’s fun!

        Yeah, negative ARC reviews can hurt. Although, usually if it’s a bad book, I try to just… motivate ALL THE ANGER πŸ˜€ so I dissociate from the whole ARC thing and just feel like BAD BOOK!! Then it’s easier to write a bad review πŸ˜€ what won’t you do to escape guilt, right? #truestory

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  5. RELATABLE OMG. First of all, I’ll just say that HI you are a very good friend of mine (one of the best) that I’ve met through blogging… and if I’d never started a blog, I never would have met you??? LIKE WHOA. NO. THAT CAN’T HAPPEN. ❀

    For me I was broke before I started blogging… but then I felt MORE broke (broker???) after I saw how many books people got and HOW PRETTY THEIR BOOKSHELVES ARE OMG. And then there's me… with probably like twenty (okay a little more) books — half of them I don't really like???

    Also a note to comment stalkers: The TBR will eat you, frens. It's inevitable. Unless you read five books a day, everyday. Then you're good.

    AND OMG. I don't know if I'm reading more or less now??? I didn't track my reading before blogging so I don't know. But I either 1) read less because BLOGGING TAKES SO MUCH TIME omggggg or 2) read more because I set goals each month/don't want to say that I read a low amount of books. I apparently care what people think of my reading habits. #TheyLoveYouMay

    Don't forget guilt on not spending time with the fam! I'm on the computer for sooo long… and just abandon my family. Like NO. NOT GOOD. MY BLOG WILL BE FINE WITHOUT ME. AT LEAST FOR FOUR HOURS.

    Relatable post, yo. πŸ‘Œ

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    • EEK YAY LONG COMMENT! me = one of your best friends? WHERE’S THE CAKE, PEOPLE! Ahh, there’s good sided to blogging like um reading awesome blogs (I KNOW GUYS. NO NEED TO BE QUIET ABOUT IT. jk jk) MAYBE I’m reading more (not that I’m thinking about it) because like I KNOW that my wrap-ups need to be filled with books, so actually I’m now very unsure about that point -thanksMay. My blog needs me –> ALL THE TIME! YaYaYA, glad you like RELATED!

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  6. I absolutely loved this post and number 2 is so relatable! I read half of History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera one day and it’s a really emotional book about a boy dealing with grief over losing his ex boyfriend in a drowning accident and it took me a week to get over the looming sadness that hung over me after reading it to continue on and finish the book.

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  7. I have recently entered the blogosphere as a book reviewer and I already feel the load and am sensing the difficulty. Now, as I read I try to pick up cues and interesting quirks to write about. BUT THEN…. as I write my “review” I begin to realize that my book review, in the end, is not a review at all but a philosophical meditation on some theme or idea I got from reading! Which is fine and dandy if my intention is to become the next Aristotle but not if the intention here is to write a genuine book review…
    Awesome post btw πŸ™‚

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  8. YEAH I DIDN’T REALIZE HOW MUCH TIME BLOGGING TAKES UP UNTIL I STARTED. And of course when I started, I was like yeah I could totally post 5 times a week or something and now I’m LIKE HA. You get three posts. THREE. Also, I struggle with even just those three sometimes! It’s been, like, probably a month since I’ve posted a review to my blog. Honestly, this is because I’ve been reading mostly books that are 2nd or 3rd or whatever in a series and I don’t know if anyone will want to read those/I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL ANYONE. I’ve reviewed them all on Goodreads, but I’M AT A LOSS. What doth thou thinketh????

    The best part of book blogging is the kindred spirits and the friends I’ve made. For the most part, the community is so kind and welcoming and I LOVE THAT BECAUSE I WAS SCARED. I tried to make a booktube channel before, but I sucked at putting my thoughts into actual spoken words. I am much better at saying what I mean when I write/type it.

    I was broke beforehand and I continue to be broke now. I am in a bottomless pit of broke-ness, and I’M OKAY WITH IT (right now HAHAHAH).


    • Time? WHAT IS TIME? YOU MUST TELL ME! I only know of my addiction and obsession with book blogging.

      Three posts, I DO LIKE one or TWO (if you’re lucky) posts a week and I think that IS GOOD, three is like a celebration – it calls for MARSHMALLOWS = important and big achievement! SERIES REVIEWS are the worst because like you said everything in your review of the first book, are you just repeating yourself?A, I’m always repeating myself, that’s part of the reasons why my rambles never end. *Sigh* AND LIKE ARE YOU SPOILING STUFF AS WELL? Like do you have to be a spoiler tag on the whole post?? Hmm, what I THINK. *glances around* SECRETLY, I’m really unsure. If it’s like a 3 book series, maybe you could like smush all the review into one post? UNLESS THEY ARE LIKE ALL DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE from each other? So, yeah, #smushing is the solution.

      WHO CAN TALK. Only my keyboard knows the true secrets os my soul and bookish thoughts (*sighs dreamily* MARSHMALLOOWWWSS) so I could like never do a booktube channel. I’m shy enough already, okay? THE COMMUNITY is what I live for, it’s so sweet and welcoming and FULL OF CUPCAKES AND CUPCAKES (and EVEN the occasional marshmallow)

      Bookworms should just wallow in their hole of brokeness.

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  9. Great post! I completely get the ‘you blog more than reading’ point. I thought I’d read so much when I first started my blog. NOPE. I read sooooo much less than I used to. I think it’s because there’s just always something to do on my blog. I’m either tweaking with my designs, writing posts, blog hopping or I’m just exhausted from doing all those things and can’t be bothered reading πŸ˜‚ !

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    • It’s a SERIOUS MISCONCEPTION, peeps! Though blogging HAs encouraged me to read more otherwise my wrap-ups will be empty AND THIS IS LIFE OKAY? Book blogging has taken over my life (like I had one..hehe) so reading is just smushed into the corner of all my rambles.


  10. This is so relatable???? Also I can totally relate with the book hangover thing. I read a really depressing book and then suddenly all anyone can ask me is “Why did you just randomly start crying?” Or “Can you maybe stop staring moodily out the window?” But seriously though I can’t read too many sad books or else I get sad 😦 Also, all the books I have on my tbr makes me want to cry 😦 And it’s great because I find new books that I love and are interesting and different but at the same time, I find super hyped up books that suck….

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    • For some reason, nearly all my replies to comments died. so yeah, just a bit sad

      BUT i personally LUUURRRVE relatable posts so you found this relatable GAH. WAIIt is this an
      excuse to fangirl. I’m taking it *FANGIRLS*

      I only cry on books when I’m alone. I mean I can’t cry in public but like one day ago i was reading this really sad books BUT I COULDN’T CRY because I was in public. AHH, THE STRUGGLES.

      Sad books are great…apart from the miserable life you start to live and don’t forget the tears and tissues…and OKAY TOO MANY sad books aren’t that great, but SAD books are probably my favourite books because they have all THE FEELS YA’ KNOW?

      I need to write a discussion on sad books. Wow, you are literally an inspiration! ❀

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      • I personally hate sad books but love them at the same time. I hate the emotional turmoil they cause but at the same time, who can resist angst? And I cry in public all time because of books, people are starting to think I’m weird…. And that sounds like a great discussion post !!

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  11. I agree with all of these except 5 so far. I’ve only had my blog a few months so I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m sure I will someday. I mean, I feel guilty about having a huge TBR, but not really anything else yet.
    I didn’t really think blogging was that dangerous UNTIL NOW so thANKS. :O Now I’m a little scared. I guess because I’m a new blogger the only risk I’ve taken so far is having enough courage to actually comment on other people’s blogs, especially ones I really this one! πŸ™‚ It’s a little intimidating because you never know what people are going to think, but the same goes for writing posts too and actually starting a blog in general so…but book bloggers ARE awesome though! The few comments I’ve gotten back so far are so nice! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀

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    • You’re lucky you haven’t had to suffer from book blogger guilt – it’s the worst! Haha, I warn all my readers of the dangers of book blogging – i’m so NICE (Well of course i’m so evil and like…MWHAHAHA but besides) you shouldn’t be scared. YOU SHOULD be really scarded. JUST KIDDING book blogging is actually really fun and everyone is here is super accpeting – you’ve got only a billion things that could go wrong. I live for the comments on my blog…just like this one ❀


  12. YES I RELATE TO ALL OF THESE. Book blogging is definitely dangerous XD for us. WE NEED SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, GUYS.

    ok, but how. to. write. reviews? SOMETIMES I JUST HAVE A LIST OF MY THOUGHTS AND NOT COHERENT SENTENCES, IT IS NOT GOOD. Like, look at those reviews with organized paragraphs??? HOW.

    a) commenting
    b) typing up the post
    c) replying to comments
    d) just scrolling on WordPress wondering what the meaning of life is

    And yes, I am super broke, and will probably live in a cardboard box soon, but HEY AT LEAST I GOT THOSE SWEET BOOKISH PINS, YO.

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  13. I really relate to the “Reading books begin to affect your mood” one. I was a mess for a couple of days after reading “History is All You Left Me” by Adam Silvera and I’m now reading “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven and it’s making me go all quiet and thoughtful to the point where my family are asking me if I’m okay. Which is a hard question to answer. I’m okay, but these characters are not, so, yeah… I’m not okay. πŸ˜€

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    • *wipes brow* I AM SO GLAD!! I thought I was the only slightly crazy one here. Literally everyone is saying History is All You Left e is heart breaking *scrambles to Goodreads TBR* *comes back to continue comment* AND ATBP is SO FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC. And if a character is feeling sad, and I LIKE THAT character, do you expect me to be HAPPY? WHAT IS THIS BEHAVIOUR???

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      • You’re definitely not alone πŸ˜„

        Yesss to adding HIAYLM to your TBR. It will definitely break your heart but it’s worth it, I promise.

        And you’re totally right: if you’re into the story and you like a character, you feel what they feel, good and bad πŸ˜…


  14. The fear of people contradicting me usually happens when I write discussion posts. You don’t know how scared I can get, when I write a discussion post about something that can cause someone to get TRIGGERED. Great post, I related to everything on here!


  15. I just started a book blog just for fun and for a way to connect with other people. This post has some food for thought and I will be very mindful of these things. One of the things that held me back was the amount of hate there is out there on the internet. Thanks for such an awesome and well thought out post!


  16. I swear, this is the most relatable post I have ever read. I once tried(and failed) to be a book blogger and I just was pulled down by all of these things! Also, sorry I haven’t really commented or been active on your blog, just now it is probably my favorite and I love it! Also, happy Ramadan!

    //Shania Ahmed

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  17. THIS IS SO RELATABLE THO. And especially #3. I’m currently doing #3.πŸ˜‚ I meant to finish reading a book tonight but instead my WHOLE evening got swallowed trying to catch up on blogging! HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN. SIGH. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But blogging is sooo much fun so I don’t even mind heheh. And I’m sure all non-bloggers and non-bookworms think we’re nuts, but at least we understand each other.


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    • (why do i always fangirl over your comments?)

      I think my books are getting jealous of the blog – I spend so much time on it. TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE BLOGGING (because it’s fun and addicting…and food)

      Non-bloggers & bookworms are alien to me, though I’m sure people must think I’M THE WEIRD ONE XD



  18. YES!! I think book bloggers are AMAZING!! I’d definitely LOVE to get more into book blogging because I really LOVE to read and books are just the best 😍😍 so this post was really helpful and it was SO much fun to read!!
    I can definitely relate to writing the reviews though,It’s so hard to write a review good enough to do the book justice and just sort of bundle up all of your feelings into ONE blog post! πŸ˜„
    and yes!! The TBR list is an endless pit that somehow seems to grow and grow and grow!!
    Also I know I’m really really really late but…CONGRATULATIONS on 1000 followers!!!!! You definitely deserve it and AH I’m SO SO SO happy for you!!! You go girl!! πŸ’—πŸŽ‰β€πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

    • BOOK BLOGGERS for the win! Seriously, I could gush about a book forever but it just look like scrambled eggs with icecreams partying around, which is why i keep into one post XD
      I’m falling through this endless pit of never ending books SO MAYBE THAT’S WHY IT’S SO DARK? Someone could’ve told me!

      Well, actually, I haven’t got 1000 followers, that number is combines with my WP followers and Twitter but I’m nearly there SO ALL THE HUGS ARE BEING SENT YOUR WAY.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha…Well it was an Amazing post!! And IKR!! We really should have gotten a warning!
        And yay!! *hugs back* You are really close anyway and I’m sure that you will hit 1000 followers in no time at all now! 😊❀ I can’t wait to properly celebrate! 🌈😍😊

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  19. I relate to every single one of these points. Haha, I thought I was the only person who started acting a bit like characters after finishing books, and it’s not just fiction, I’ve alway picked up random habits from my friends, hehe it’s kinda weird but I never mean to do it. I’m really bad with cursing though, you can alway tell if I just finished reading a book filled with a certain curse word cause I’ll start using it excessively. After rereading Carry On I alway curse like a Brit for a week…

    Liked by 1 person

    • *silently fangirls*
      I think all bookworms can firmly agree we’re crazy (JUST ME then?)
      But I WAS SO nervous putting in that point about being in a book hangover and acting like the characters in a book! Eeek, i’ve never picked up cursing from a book. I obviously read very good-mannered books *nods* (HAHAH funny)

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