Guest Post – Beauty (100% healthy for human eyeballs) and the Book


Okay, maybe not all BUT it’s a well-known fact that all bookworms love a good book cover! I mean who can resist the books resue-like call’ NEVER fear! Book covers are here! (to save your precious bookshelf from dying of ugliness)’. I MEAN I CANNOT.

Book covers are the first point of contact (EYEBALLS = SEE = COVER = FAINT) with a potential reader. An eyeball-catching piece of art will set a book apart from the thousands of other titles on the shelf in a bookstore or public library and draw the reader in.


  • Bookstagram (well obviously)
  • 80% of bookworms SAID BOOK COVERS MATTER (The Book Smugglers, 2010,)
  • 62% perceived them as “the artistic embodiment of a book”, which “should be accurately representative of a book’s genre, tone, and/or characters”.
  • Some readers admit that they have bought a book solely based on how pretty the cover looks. (#everyone)

BASICALLY, cover love is such a widespread idea that ardent fans don’t hesitate to buy different editions of the same book published in different countries just for the difference in book covers. People blogging and vlogging about books display beautiful bookshelves with covers having every shade of the rainbow imaginable on their bookish posts or videos.
However, one must remember that there aren’t hard and fast rules to cover designing because beauty is perceived differently by each individual.

Beauty and The Book

most #obviously elements –>

  • The title
  • author’s name.
  • logo of the publishing house (mostly on the spine these days or absent).

Beyond that, however, is left to the cover artist’s imagination.


  • accurately give a mental image of what to expect from the book
  • leave an element of mystery that the reader should feel inclined to discover by opening the book.
  • NOT fall into the trap of being cliché or tastelessly overdone.


It begs one to turn the pages to discover the identity of the victims as well the murderer.
Displaying Book Cover 3.jpg
white theme
a rose inside a snow globe= romance



filled every inch with gorgeous details
shown by half the face of a young girl.
The eye-catching design of stars make it
charming &

Now that you’ve feasted your eyes on these striking covers, you might be curious as to how the authors got these done or how you can get one for your precious novel you want to see published someday. Here are some helpful links:

Book Design Services

Book Cover Artists

DIY Book Cover Design


ABOUT THE AUTHOR (of this fabulous guest post)

Nandini Bharadwaj, a 21-year-old from Bangalore, India, is an expert at dabbling in a bit of everything. She graduated as a Telecommunication Engineer in May 2017 and wants to earn a PhD someday.When she’s not typing up posts for her blogs, Pages That Rustle and Unputdownable Books, one can find her stuck in a book, watching a movie or marathoning a TV show. She also likes to cook and her favourite flavour is chocolate. Her biggest dream is to have a packed and organised floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in her bedroom. She can be found online on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Goodreads.



Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50



I’m really not going to ramble too much, but let me just say this WAS SO SO TOUGH. I received such creative entries for this one and nearly all of them basically won.

However, in THIRD PLACE, is Lee @ Golden Pink Journal, who created a stunning slideshow (on Prezi) surrounding her wonderful idea complementing a very AESTHETIC title –>  Lilies & Roses in The Ocean.

And in second place, WHO WAS UNBELIEVABLY CLOSE, was…the guest poster herself, Nandini @ Pages That Rustle! This is such a huge coincidence and I ABSOLUTELY ADORED HER PIECE. The amount of effort put in, how well thought out it was, GOSH, was I stunned or what? She actually sent me a video, but for your sake, I’m attaching a mini slideshow summarising the idea. (Which doesn’t include the fabulous music, sadly)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Title: Our Shattered Minds
Behind The Scenes:

  • a person who lives different lives, they have 4 different lives, kind of like multiple personality disorder (bit different though)
  • they end up splitting their soul/mind into those four different persons.
  • Somehow this messes up the magic in the universe and they kind of have to go fix it.
  • It’s a mix of Six of Crows, sense8, One Day and Red Queen vibes
  • Our Shattered Minds because it represents the struggle of the main character and how their mind is basically shattered into four different lives.
  • Shattered means both breaking as well as hurting someone, which plays quite an important role in the story. All of the characters have or are going to hurt people they care about, which is also referred to this way.
  • Sequel: These Fractured Shadows
  • Fractured refers to the brokenness of the characters, the shadows are because of the magic. Due to the messed up magic, the world is covered in shadows and mist.

Something about Lia’s work just had me hooked, enthralled and most of all EXCITED! The idea was something unique and imaginative and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at her journey and being in awe of her inspiration! It was truly breath-taking. She definitely took this round by storm! Not only was I blown away by the beautiful mood boards put together, I JUST COULDN’T STOP THINKING about how wonderful this idea was? What is this competition doing to me? ALL CHEERS FOR LIA!


Mini runners up who just deserve to be mentioned: May & Daisy & Sasha.


Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 13.22.50



Design a book cover




Well, since it’s a group round, there will be 4 people in each group

  • Person 1 will be team leader and will confirm blog name, and assign roles and submit entry
  • Person 2 will be the graphic designer who will ultimately design the book cover.
  • Person 3  & 4 will be submitting ideas, coming up with a title, an author name and input their creativity.

Those are the basic roles. Start discussing what you want do VIA EMAIL (or if you coincidentally all have the same social media or something) and input your name idea as well other things! I don’t mind how you do it, just make sure it’s submitted to me by the deadline. Good luck, teamwork IS VERY KEY.

I will give you the emails of the people you are working with and you can start from there.


24th June 2017


  • Be REALLY creative with your cover
  • Submit your cover with your group name, who is in the group (with blog NAMES).
  • Must be submitted in time and a group effort.


  • A good message
  • Something CREATIVE


BOOK COVERS are AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, RIGHT? (well, they are supposed to be?!) What are some your favourite covers? How do you think you’ll do on this challenge? What did you think of the WINNERS entry? Excited for the first group round – I AM *Waves hands frantically* Type something new!

Sign Off



28 thoughts on “Guest Post – Beauty (100% healthy for human eyeballs) and the Book

  1. BOOK COVERS ARE SO FREAKIN’ AESTHETIC. Or they’re supposed to be. Like I said in my post some million years ago, my eye is drawn to aesthetic covers, BUT that doesn’t mean (to me) that they’re better than books with ugly covers. They’re just more… appealing.

    Some of my favorite book covers are STRANGE THE DREAMER, ADSOM/ACOL, Six of Crows, Cress, Caraval, um… lots more.

    I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS ROUND!!! Even though half of the images didn’t show up (*sobs* I SCREAMED AT YOU BUT YOU DIDN’T ANSWER *sobs again*). I really love graphic design — though I fail horribly at it — and a book cover will be so fun! And smh Mahriya, making us come up with a title again??? HOW DARE YOU.

    Lia’s title sounds so cool! I really love the dystopian feel to it — that is just totally ME. And DUDE. A video??? YOU ARE COMMITTED, NANDINI. (And also great guest post!!!) Congrats to all the winners! ❤


    Liked by 1 person

    • #AESTHETIC is obviously so important right? WHAT’s a book without it? Oh yesm I loved that discussion *nods* WAIT, I love all your posts.

      I’m a goldfish when it comes to covers. WAIT, I’m just a goldfish in general.

      WAIT, I keep on saying WAIT

      OH I’M SORRY. I DON’T KNOW WHY THE PICS DON’T WORK. I’m changing it ASAP (Whatever that means…hehe) NO you’actually have SUCH A CUTE graphic design *squeals* It’s so fluffy and gorgeous. AND you can use the title you made up before, I DON’T MIND(!!!)

      I KNOW ALL THE ENTRIES WERE FANTABULOUS and here I was weeping about a lack of entries *shakes head*


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh! I’m so excited for this challenge! Lia’s title and thought process. Just everything. It was a super cool idea.

    ~ Pip


  3. Ooh yay I won 😀
    I love book covers, so I’m super excited for this task. I’m a bit weary about working together but we’ll see how it goes 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Our Shattered Minds sounds really interesting I would definitely want to check it out and the sequel. Very deserving win. And I’m proud of my 3rd place also, ✨💛
    Great guest post!
    This first group challenge should be interesting and challenging aha

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh WOW!! I love love love love love book covers!!! And I love how creative you are with all of the entries!! I’m having so so so much fun doing all of them!! The covers that you have shown us are gorgeous as well and the group that I’m in is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for doing this and thank you so so so so much for mentioning my entry!! All of the entries were BRILLIANT so it’s really an honor!! 😍😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OH this is such a great post, congratulations to the winners!! Everything looks so pretty and aesthetic and I love love love LOVE IT.
    Book covers definitely ARE aesthetically pleasing, and they SHOULD BE – I’m guessing we all are, consciously or unconsciously, drawn to beautiful covers. I know whenever I am seeeing a gorgeous book cover, I’ll go read the synopsis ahah 🙂
    Good luck to everyone for this task! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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