Your Bookish Questions About My Bookish Life (The Sunshine Blogger Award)

This is a very bookish post because who wants to dwell on the sunshine?

I’ve got nominated twice for this award, and I still haven’t done it! I decided to just squish them all into one blog post, even though I’ll only be answering a mix of questions. I just want to say thank you so freaking much to May @ Forever and Everly and the girl with no name (how cool does that sound?). I know this is cliche to compliment the people who awarded you, BUT OMG, I love both of their blogs, and I didn’t just add their links for no reason – gosh, I’m not that bothered. You must go follow their blogs NOW.

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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Other Bookworms + 8 Types Of Readers

It’s hard NOT to be jealous of bookworms who can read a million books while it’s also hard NOT to show off about how many marvellous books you’ve read.

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of Dreams and Discussions, a monthly feature where I discuss and dream about all the bookish and blogging thoughts I have. 

I decided to make this a MONTHLY feature because weekly seemed too crazy to me. How does that sound?  I’m pretty sure it should be fine for now and ensure I don’t get stuck on what to write. So, grab some marshmallows and let’s begin with the fabulous discussion, and then a lovely list. There’s NO QUIZ THIS TIME because I DID MAKE one but I didn’t save it and do not have time to REDO THE WHOLE THING – sorry peeps.

The Discussion

Today’s topic is how we, as readers, feel really bad at how little we read compared to other bloggers. Because sometimes get busy or you have holidays – OR whatever because some people can practically eat books in one go, while others switch between slumps and genres, DNF 5 different books and absorb their current read. So many different people like to read and there are so many DIFFERENT types of readers! Cake obsessors (we all know who this is), book eaters, and slow coaches who take ages to read a book. And it doesn’t matter whether your snail or book snacker, all readers are respected in the blogosphere. Or are they?

Some people are just naturally slow readers. And I totally think we should accept them for that and not boast about how we finished so many books in a year and maybe think about people who DON’T have that much time to read.  Because people don’t have ALL the time to read. Maye it’s jobs, exams, dreaded school, or family, but time is not endless – people have OTHER things to do. While some people laugh at people’s small goals, and some envy the bookworms who read so much, I’m just thinking about how it doesn’t matter HOW much you read, you just should!

I definitely envy some people Goodreads’s shelves because they have literally got THOUSANDS of books on there. And some people’s reading goals are out of this galaxy because I can’t even handle it! My measly 60 books look TINY and UGLY compared to their glorious reading challenge.

I’m not the first to talk about it on the blogosphere. Some other bloggers have also told their stories of how they’ve become comfortable with a number of books they read. So next time you say ‘I know this is a very small amount of books’, think again. Maybe for you, it is, but there are reasons why you haven’t read. It can be a slump, a lack of time – ANYTHING but doesn’t think about HOW many books you read, but the quality over them.I mean we’re always talking about –>

Quality over Quantity.

You might have read the ONE really good book over a month, that’s fine! Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers because WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT, people. And that’s totally fine. Read how much you want to and WHEN you want to – don’t get all jealous and keep comparing yourself – there’s no point.

Okay, Okay, enough of my ramblings – on today’s list! Which is? SOMEBODY REMIND THIS VERY CONFUSED GOLDFISH! Oh, yes, the title! Types of readers BECAUSE I LIKE TO FRIGHTEN YOU TO DEATH BY MAKING YOU HAVE AN IDENTITY CRISIS – I’m sooo amazing.

I guess I should really get onto the list. TYPES OF READERS. Because there are so many. Fast readers, slow readers, eating readers. AND I MUST KNOW what type of reader YOU are BECAUSE I’m awesome! (totally a real reason)

Types Of Readers

The List


The Binge Reader

Do you read one book in a week? NO, YOU READ EVERY BOOK IN THE SERIES AND NEVER STOP. When you’re drowning in books, you literally just drink all the words up.If someone wants to talk to you, they can’t because you’re reading. You just can never stop and the word slump is something you consider a bad smell.


The Busy Bumblebee

You travel, you work, and you read. Well sometimes – you have to squeeze a word in here and there. A chapter on the train, a page before bed, and a sentence before a meeting. You’re like a travelling tour bus, always on-the-go, ready to just read something any chance you get. And you do manage to still treasure good literature.


The Lord Of The Sponge

You know how they say there are two types of readers, filters and sponges? You’re the sponge and you take it as a compliment. If someone asks you something about the book you’ve just read, you can SPURT OUT ALL THE ANSWERS. You are THE LORD of the sponges and you carry that title around with you. Absorbing books is one of your many talents. Maybe it takes you to read a little slower than others, but it pays off.


The Quote Collector

You simply can’t stop yourself from highlighting every wonderful quote, or adding a note to your favourite scene. It is not just quotes, but pieces you just love. Your books are your creativity and inspiration and no-one stops you from going wild and collecting all the beautiful bookish things that you love ❤ Jotting down a new word or interest is your hobby.


The Analysing Obsessor

Perhaps you’re an English student, or secretly write essays for your book reviews, or always finding the hidden meaning, but you’re kind of obsessed with analysing the book. Whilst having your nose in your book, you think of all the annotations and connotations and can’t contain your predictions based on what you’ve read. You know the story inside out and love reading in between the lines.

No.6@ My Bookish Life

The Mood Reader

You read depending on your mood and how you’re feeling. You cannot simply ‘plan’ what to read but instead pick up a book you just WANT to read and devour the words. TBR’s aren’t really your thing because IF THERE IS A BOOK YOU WANNA READ, YOU READ IT. There’s no telling what book you’ll read next.

No.7@ My Bookish Life

The Digital Mastermind

The title says it all. Kindle, Nook, Headphones, The Audible App you name it. You take you e-reader or headphones with you EVERYWHERE and are slightly attached to them, Physical books are too heavy and inconvenient for you, and so a cheap e-book or audiobook suits your lifestyle. You are somehow always devouring a digital copy of a book and are slightly addicted – just slightly.

No.8@ My Bookish Life

The Planning Perfectionist

You’re the opposite of a mood reader. In fact, you plan what to read in a month, in an attempt to tackle your humble TBR. You’ve also planned out what months suit certain books, what playlists to use whilst reading and the right bookmark to use. You’re always keeping track of how many pages you’ve read a day, and how much you’re going to read. You know how to finish up a series nicely and JUST PLAN OUT EVERYTHING about your bookish life – neatly organised.


 What type of reader ARE YOU? Or you a mix of them?What reader do you WANT to be but just fail at being at? What do you think of your reading pace? Ponder with me about comparing yourself to other bookworms – do you do it? READ!

Sign Off

Review – Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – Now My Favourite Duology Ever

The Six Of Crows Duology is officially my favourite duology in the whole universe because I love it so much!


Title: Crooked Kingdom
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Rating: 5 Stars










See that red, ugly thing on the floor. That’s my heart. YES, this book literally ripped me to pieces because of the tragic happenings yet I LOVED IT SO MUCH – how is this possible.? The paradox of CK!

So I actually waited a month before posting this review a) I needed to collect my thoughts b) I was really busy and c) Procrastination. But I’ve finally managed to write some sort of review that makes some sort of sense. If you haven’t already, read my Six Of Crows review, the first book in the series. And if you haven’t read the books, then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this. There are mild spoilers, so be warned.

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A Bookish Wrap-Up March – AKA the Month Of Doing Nothing

March was literally the least productive month so far.

I was so unproductive. I posted one lousy tag on the blog, read a few books, and went out a bit to eat ice cream. But it’s really NOT my fault. Yes, here goes the same old excuse of SCHOOL but now I finally have the holidays? No, but I had horrible exams to revise for, homeworks to complete, please forgive me? So maybe I was productive, but not in terms of the blog. Now let’s go straight in with my favourite.

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Let’s Talk About My Secret Life As A Writer

If you didn’t know, writing is one of my Horcruxes.

I won’t tell you how many Horcruxes I have, but if you’re not an HP fan, or haven’t read them (WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO HERE, NON-POTTERHEAD) , then I will tell you that a Horcrux is a part of someone’s soul, as that SOMEONE has split their soul. So, in other words, writing is a part of my soul.

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