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I follow like 130 blogs so OBVIOUSLY, I can’t put every single blog I love here but I do have some favourites! I have ‘swapped’ but I only put blogs I WANT to put on here. This is NOT a ‘button swap’ page. I only wanted to put blogs I really want to on here.

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Writing With Style

Forever and Everly


a paper reverie
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Molly's Book Nook

Midnight RanterDiversion 3000Wander Girl The Stylish DreamerCloset ReadersExuberant BookwormAll The TrinketsBookish Things & TeaWrite Through The NightStay Bookish

These are in no particular order and the blogs with just links don’t represent how much I love the blogs, but there’s just a lack of blog button! If you’ve updated a blog button, or on the link and buttonless list and have finally made a blog button, let me know so I can change it -> I don’t bite!

However, this page is also for you lovely people to tell me about your blog and leave a link so I can follow up your blog posts! It’s a bit like my own ‘CommunityΒ Pool’, I guess?I love reading other people’s blogs as well as writing my own! Please only leave one link though.

100 thoughts on “Blogs I Love

  1. Hey! I think we have been in contact before! but anyways, would take this space as an opportunity to say, your blog is really helpful. Keep up the work and keep visiting mine too!!

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  2. Your blog is so lovely! I’m really excited to go through the rest of your blog after having read through a few of your posts. I just started my blog recently and I’m really just trying to get it into sorts at the moment, but I would love it if you could check out my blog and give me some tips or advice? In the meant time I plan to peruse through the rest of your blog and maybe the recipes (I owe my dad dessert after all ;P )
    Have a lovely day and thank you ^_^

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  3. Hello!
    Your blog is so fun and over the top friendly, it’s a great atmosphere to be in. I love the fact that you post tips, but as well as discussions. It’s great to help people who don’t comment frequently to break out of that shell and comment.

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  4. Hi,it’s bubblybrooke13 here,I read this post and decided that I don’t really have that many people looking at my blog,so I was wondering if you liked blogs that posted random memes,photography,writing,and funny personal posts? If you do you are in luck because my blog has all of those things!☺️:link to my blog if you want to see it-

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  5. This is such a lovely idea, and so helpful! I’m just getting started so am looking forward to finding new blogs to follow too πŸ™‚ I’m trying a bit of everything (baking, uni student posts, book and movie reviews) whilst I find my feet!

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  6. Ah, this page is such a good idea! I’m pretty sure you know I already exist and have a blog (unless you think you’ve been chatting with a ghost???), but I would really love and appreciate it if you checked it out and/or left a comment and/or followed. (Gosh I hate promoting. I SOUND SO MEEEEEAN AND NEEDYYYYYY.) Here’s the link to my blog: Thank you so much! I love your blog and look forward to new posts every day. πŸ™‚

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  7. Aw this is such a nice concept!
    My name is Katie and I recently found your blog because I’m trying to reach out and connect with other book bloggers lately! My book blog is
    I write book reviews, writing tips (aspiring author, here! lol) and a couple of bookstagram/blogging tips in general from time to time. πŸ™‚

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  8. Hi! Cool blog! Could you check out mine ( at ) and maayyybbbbeeee folloowww ittt??? as i am a new blogger.

    Bella πŸ™‚

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    • Hi! I’ve updated this page and It states I only add blog I WANT to and don’t really swap? Thanks so much for putting mine up there but I haven’t been following you long enough to swap – terribly sorry. Maybe in a few months when I’m more familiar with you and your blog!

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  9. […] Back to the post at hand. I’m grateful that I was tagged in the Writer’s Ink Challenge by Mahriya @MyBookishLife. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on my writer’s life. I’m a little slow responding back to Mahriya. Sorry about that! Side note: Mahriya is a talented web designer. She designed my blog. If you are interested in making your blog “pretty,” visit her. […]

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  10. Aw, just stumbled upon this today! It makes me so happy to see my blog on this list; this is the first time I’ve been added to one of those, and this made me smile! ❀️

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    • Wait, you’re being serious? I’m generally confused, I love your blog to like the STARS AND UNIVERSE because honestly, it’s just so freaking overwheliming and breath-taking, i can’t even describe how wonderful it is. You made ME smile right now by saying I made YOU smile –

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  11. I love your blog too β™₯️ Stalking it right now πŸ‘€I’ve not blogged in a while (2 months … what Even??!) and this just makes me really want to come back so thanks.


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