Designing your blog? Giving it a revamp? Yes, then look no further. I've created a post all about the things you need to keep in mind when being creative! Mood boards, palettes, fonts, YOU NAME IT! I got everything covered. Don't worry, I'm there, ready to answer your questions and prepared to give you the best design tips! What are you waiting for?

How I Re-Designed My Blog (Mood Boards, Inspiration and Colour Palettes)

I guess designing can be hectic, well for me it is. I am obsessed with re-designing my blog. I’ve changed it up so much this month, I’m even surprised.

The thing is, I just want my blog to LOOK perfect as well as the content being amazing. I think I’m finally happy with my design, but with me, you can never know… 😀 

Beside the point, designing is also, well very fun! I actually love tinkering with colours, adding elements here and there, and playing around with pretty fonts.

Designing My Blog |
Designing My Blog

So, today, I wanted to share with you, my experience with designing. I used to think it was just about throwing some images together and adding splashes of colour. But, this time, I went a lot deeper into the process. Creating mood boards, listing of graphics, downloading fonts, searching software, reading tips. It was an exciting process that I would love to share with you.  

Mood Boards

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5 Things That Makes Me Hit ‘Follow’ On A Blog? (Shoutouts to all my favourite blogs!)

If you want me to follow you then don’t leave a comment with a link to your blog asking me, telling me, to follow. Because that’s probably why I WON’T follow. I only follow blogs if I am genuinely interested. I don’t ‘follow for follow’ or anything. I follow because I like your blog. I love finding new blogs, which is why I created the ‘All About You‘ page where you can leave your blog links.

I LOVE discovering new blogs and I wish I followed more blogs. I only follow about 4o blogs. I know you might think, 40? Half of them don’t post anymore but are just people I know, so I still follow them!

So, anyways, enough of my ramblings, let’s get into the post!

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6 fun ways to spice up your blog |

6 FUN Ways To Spice Up Your Blog!

How many blog posts, giving you the ‘best’ advice on blogging, have been BORING?

Nearly everyone single one.

Unless you count adding graphics to blog posts, then adding tags and keywords isn’t much, FUN? Is it?

I mean it’s never been fun. But why not?

There are so many fun ways to spice up your blog, gain you more readers and get you more comments, likes and views!!!!

1. Add A Unique Feature!

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Top 5 FREE Blogging Apps That Made Me A Better Blogger

Have you ever wondered why you have considered QUITTING blogging?

  1. It’s stressful
  2. It takes a lot of time
  3. You don’t get enough income/responses

And it’s those 3 reasons that have made me feel like giving up. I’VE felt like giving up? Yeah, blogging hasn’t been so fun sometimes! But, you know, there’s always help and advice. Friends, books, other blogs. But, you know there’s one thing that will maximise your blogging fun! Guess what that is, APPS!

Yep, apps or websites are almost the only reason why I can make it to the WordPress site on time! Without my bus pass, A BUS, some motivation for me to wake up and a map to get to the bus stop (okay, a map?), I’d be nowhere. I’d be running to WordPress and be so tired and stressed, my posts wouldn’t be worthy of publishing! Therefore, less income, fewer responses and less AMAZINGNESS!

But an app is your pass, bus, bus stops all in one. Phone, tablet, whatever, apps are by far the easiest, most helpful THINGS in the world. Install, Open, and a whole universe at your disposal.

So, let’s begin with the actual LIST!

I’ll give the FIVE features of each one and my personal experience with them and I might throw in some alternatives. In an order as random as snowflakes (I thought it was Autumn!), let’s begin:

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How To Find Inspiration Blog Posts |

How To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts

How many ‘Blog Idea’ posts have you read while still looking at a blank screen and feeling like giving up blogging for eternity?

I know have seen a thousand post ideas and I’ve never used a single one of them. Maybe you do, but I think letting other people choose what you should post isn’t the best solution to the blinking cursor because I don’t feel the passion or drive when writing a post idea someone else came up with.

So, why not still come up with an original, unique idea but just have help coming up with the idea? Sound good?

Welcome To ‘How To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts!’

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