Review – Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – Now My Favourite Duology Ever

The Six Of Crows Duology is officially my favourite duology in the whole universe because I love it so much!


Title: Crooked Kingdom
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Rating: 5 Stars










See that red, ugly thing on the floor. That’s my heart. YES, this book literally ripped me to pieces because of the tragic happenings yet I LOVED IT SO MUCH – how is this possible.? The paradox of CK!

So I actually waited a month before posting this review a) I needed to collect my thoughts b) I was really busy and c) Procrastination. But I’ve finally managed to write some sort of review that makes some sort of sense. If you haven’t already, read my Six Of Crows review, the first book in the series. And if you haven’t read the books, then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this. There are mild spoilers, so be warned.

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Review (More like Fangirling!) – Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo -My Favourite Book Of 2017




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Title: Six Of Crows
Author: Leigh Bardugo
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Book Review | Library Of Lemons By Jo Cotterill + An Author Interview (I’M SO EXCITED!!!)

Hi, everybody! Today’s post is very exciting. In case the massive title escaped your notice, I’m going to be reviewing a book called Libary of Lemons AND having a cup of tea with the author (okay not literally, but there will be an interview!) Let’s get on shall we?


Title: Library Of Lemons

Author: Jo Cotterill

Rating: 4 stars


Calypso is only 10 years old, but yet her mother is dead, her dad is always working, and she is left to do all the house chores. Her life is consumed by books, and according to her dad, she doesn’t need people. She believes this until a new girl, Mae, arrives. They befriend each other but their friendship grows into something wonderful as the two girls help each other out in the dark times.


This was a truly refreshing book. After reading, Looking At The Stars, which had brought me to tears, I was very excited to see another book by the fabulous Cotterill! I immediately slid it off the shelf and skimmed through the blurb. It seemed very different to LS (Looking At The Stars) but I decided to give it a go. The title did seem a little funky, and the cover a little too bright. But, nevertheless, I did not judge the book by its cover or its title for that matter. I borrowed the book and in I strode.

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Review | Blink And You Die (Ruby Redfort #6) By Lauren Child *THE BEST FINALE & GREAT plot twists* + My First ARC(!!!)

From the author of Charlie and Lola, Lauren Child closes off the Ruby Redfort series with one last action-packed book and leaves readers begging for me.

Thank you for Netgalley for sending me an ARC copy of this book.

I’m proud to say I’ve read the whole Ruby Redfort series now and have been absolutely amazed by this finale.

Ruby Redfort started out as a made up book in the Clarice Bean series but eager fans wanted it to be real, for there to be an actual Redfort series. And so the six book deal with Harper Collins was made and this review came about.


From Goodreads

Say goodbye to Ruby Redfort: every smart kid’s smart kid. The mind-blowing conclusion to the thrilling series by award-winning author Lauren Child.

Ruby Redfort: undercover agent, code-cracker and thirteen-year-old genius – you can count on her when the ice starts to crack.

All good things come to an end… Ruby Redfort is running scared, a whole bunch of people want her dead and worst of all one of them is on her team. But just who is this agent of doom?

You can run, Ruby, but you can’t hide…

First Impressions

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Mini Review | The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First Impressions


A funny, sad, mysterious, exciting and wonderful book.

People have recommended this book to me more times than I’ve eaten chocolate, and if you haven’t guessed, that’s a LOT.

I was really excited to crack open this spine of this book, stick my nose in, and find myself lost between the fresh, crinkled pages. I had heard so much about this book and trust me, none of the opinions had been negative. I went in with high hopes and closed the book with more than satisfaction,in fact, much more.


Christoper Boone is a 15-year-old boy who has Aspergers Syndrome. He hates the colours brown and yellow, people touching him and confusing things. He loves maths, physics and his pet rat. Living with a father and the death of his mother, Christopher stumbles across a dog, in the night-time, with a garden fork stabbed through him. Found hugging the dead dog, Wellington, Christopher sets out on an investigation to find out who killed Mrs Shears dog. During his detective journey, Christopher discovers much more than just the dog’s murderer but a whole load of secrets, lies and truths.

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