Hi! I write a lot of poetry but these poems are for National Poem Writing Month, this April! Have a look and tell me what you think. (  You simply have to write one poem every day and anyone can participate – with or without a site.

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7 years bad luck
a mirror shattered
the reflection of you
split into so many pieces
as dangerous as you

a prickle
a reminder of the pain
are we just that?
a simple reflection in the mirror

the outside of the inside
of the most complex living thing in the universe
a million twists and turns of
incomprehensible thoughts

is that really all we are?
picture perfect images in a mirror
that one day break

into dangerous



a glimpse of forever
moonlit butterflies
trodden petals
glowing stars

prickling winds
meandering rivers
twinkling eyes

a moment
a second
a glimpse

at what it would be like 
to live in the moment
a glimpse
at forever



maybe people are just like me
secrets hidden

a pretence to be free

a laugh, an act
to hide the harsh fact
that our lives are miserable

maybe people aren’t what they seem
self-conscious beings
desperate to be on the right team

a smile, a smirk
we don’t do hard work
the message
we try to spread
while tears are shed.


the line

drawing the line
between crazy and creative
between you
and me

you are creative
your write your words
and then paint them on a canvas

I am crazy
I write my words
and then shout them
from every rooftop

you are you
you know how to make
everything gentle
and elegant

I am me
I know how to rant
about impossible thoughts
and theories



why is it so hard
to write about
the things that matter
to me


why do i find myself
writing nonsense
and make-believe


why do I struggle to
to find the right words
to describe my situation
and scribble it down


why can’t i write about my life
and not slip into
a fantasy


why am I
so desperate to escape
the clutches of reality?



falling and flying

I used to think
I was flying
through endless

I use to think
I was a bird
and roaring
the world

now I know
I am falling
through the endless

now I know
I am a statue
frozen with fear
of the world


infinite answers

how are you?
people ask
and yet this question
is an impossible task

how am I?
I ask myself
but this question has so many answers

every emotion, every expression
every desire, every dream
every sight, every scene
every action, every ambition

how am I supposed to explain
something so infinite
in a limited
amount of words


if you ever

if you ever met me
you would laugh 
at my crazy thoughts

if you ever saw me
you would back away
at the colour of my skin

if you talked to me
you would snigger
at my awkward speech

if you every wrote to me
you would ignore
my weird reply

if you ever hugged me
you would revolt
at my touch

if you ever loved me 
you would regret
every moment


i stopped

i stopped a long time ago

i stopped caring
when they called me names
for the hundredth time

i stopped telling
when the teacher’s scolds
did not make them stop

i stopped crying 
when they laughed
at my rotten shoes

i stopped trying  
when they ruined 
my attempt at being friends

i stopped living
when they told me
to go die

i stopped.



people tell me
to be careful
but isn’t careful
just a word 
people made
because they were too afraid
to be adventurous?


could it be?

that every dream 
you have
is as dangerous 
as death?

that every wish
you make
is as sharp 
as a knife?

that every desire
you are ridden with
are as lethal
as poison?

because if we want 
we aren’t happy with our
with our

and if we are not happy\
then who will be?


she was tired

tired of lighting 
a flame

instead of it
igniting independently 
at the word

tried adding fuel
to the fire

instead, it roaring
at the touching of

tired of making
the fire burn

instead of it raging
at the power of


it seems

to dream
about things
that are

and yet I do dream
about things
that are

will i die in vain?
live in false hope?
dream in lying security?

when will i 
this world 
of fantasies?

i am
just entering


being written today


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