A Bookish Wrap Up Feburary (THE EATING OF BOOKS and I’m FAMOUS?)

I’m pretty sure I went on a massive hiatus without warning everybody and was missed incredibly, right?

Okay. So maybe you were just missing my chocolate hugs but that’s beside the point. I’m 12 days late doing this ‘re-cap’ and sooo behind on like, um, everything? I’m so awesome, right?

But when I returned to WordPress, I saw that the post, draft place thingy layout CHANGED and no-one bothered to inform me. WHAT IS ALL THIS MODERN STUFF? Ew….

But shall we start now? Because I’m sure everyone is getting pretty bored by this point and I do not like to bore. My purpose is to read books and eat. Oh and of course entertain you little potatoes.

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How Do You Define A Good Book Ending ?+5 Types Of Endings You Like?(A QUIZ)

As a bookworm, I LOVE books but endings always seem to mess things up, am I right?

I’m so excited to be introducing my NEW series DREAMS & DISCUSSIONS! I’ve had the category and idea for a long time now, but I actually want to make this something weekly or at least every fortnight. I’ll tinker with things and see how it goes, but for now, let’s grab some hot chocolate, my post and a warm blanket and we’ll get started. I’m going to discuss, then list, and then let you take my quiz, ready?

Defining A Good Ending.png


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Bookish Interview Swap With Grace

WHO IS EXCITED?! If you didn’t know (hello? Are you living?) Grace @ The Girl Upstairs is joining me today and giving me the chance to collab with here (*internally screams with excitement*). Since this IS a book blog, I’m going to be having a bookish interview to Grace. I CANNOT WAIT to get started. But, before we do, please check out this awesome girl’s blog out. Trust me when I say this, her blog is AMAZING. Once you’ve followed and obviously fallen in love with everything, then you can read the awesome interview with President Amazing Grace.


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Review (More like Fangirling!) – Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo -My Favourite Book Of 2017




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Title: Six Of Crows
Author: Leigh Bardugo
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A Bookish Wrap-Up-January 2017 (Late Apologies + A celebration 500+ followers #modest)

Okay. This is cutting it SHORT! Okay, I’m not even cutting it right now, I’m OVER THE LINE! Feburary has already started. My sincerest apologies. I didn’t realise it was the end of January (2014, yes 2014, just started, right?) and so this post is a bit, well, rushed. So please excuse me if I make some random stuff up here. Let’s start with my all time favourite…

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