A Round-Up Of My Favourite Book Blogs (Book Blogger Awards)

There are so many amazing book blogs that deserved to be shared with everyone in existence.

I follow like 120 blogs, very little of them book blogs, surprisingly. When Joce @ Write Through The Night announced the First Ever Book Blogger Awards, I was beyond excited. The time to recognise book bloggers had come and the nominations were VERY hard to make. I highly recommend you to nominate your favourite books blogs because It would be amazing to have some more recommendations. The link above gives you all the rules and information to nominate/vote for you favourite book blogs.

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Your Bookish Questions About My Bookish Life (The Sunshine Blogger Award)

This is a very bookish post because who wants to dwell on the sunshine?

I’ve got nominated twice for this award, and I still haven’t done it! I decided to just squish them all into one blog post, even though I’ll only be answering a mix of questions. I just want to say thank you so freaking much to May @ Forever and Everly and the girl with no name (how cool does that sound?). I know this is cliche to compliment the people who awarded you, BUT OMG, I love both of their blogs, and I didn’t just add their links for no reason – gosh, I’m not that bothered. You must go follow their blogs NOW.

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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Other Bookworms + 8 Types Of Readers

It’s hard NOT to be jealous of bookworms who can read a million books while it’s also hard NOT to show off about how many marvellous books you’ve read.

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of Dreams and Discussions, a monthly feature where I discuss and dream about all the bookish and blogging thoughts I have. 

I decided to make this a MONTHLY feature because weekly seemed too crazy to me. How does that sound?  I’m pretty sure it should be fine for now and ensure I don’t get stuck on what to write. So, grab some marshmallows and let’s begin with the fabulous discussion, and then a lovely list. There’s NO QUIZ THIS TIME because I DID MAKE one but I didn’t save it and do not have time to REDO THE WHOLE THING – sorry peeps.

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Review – Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – Now My Favourite Duology Ever

The Six Of Crows Duology is officially my favourite duology in the whole universe because I love it so much!


Title: Crooked Kingdom
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Rating: 5 Stars










See that red, ugly thing on the floor. That’s my heart. YES, this book literally ripped me to pieces because of the tragic happenings yet I LOVED IT SO MUCH – how is this possible.? The paradox of CK!

So I actually waited a month before posting this review a) I needed to collect my thoughts b) I was really busy and c) Procrastination. But I’ve finally managed to write some sort of review that makes some sort of sense. If you haven’t already, read my Six Of Crows review, the first book in the series. And if you haven’t read the books, then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this. There are mild spoilers, so be warned.

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A Bookish Wrap-Up March – AKA the Month Of Doing Nothing

March was literally the least productive month so far.

I was so unproductive. I posted one lousy tag on the blog, read a few books, and went out a bit to eat ice cream. But it’s really NOT my fault. Yes, here goes the same old excuse of SCHOOL but now I finally have the holidays? No, but I had horrible exams to revise for, homeworks to complete, please forgive me? So maybe I was productive, but not in terms of the blog. Now let’s go straight in with my favourite.

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